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  • tiena@planetall.com
    May 21, 1999
      Next Tuesday the 25th, my summer radio show will begin!
      It's now called 'Totally Neurotic' and I hope it will be :)

      2-4pm tuesdays
      WRPI 91.5fm

      www.wrpi.org/wrpi.ram (if it works! sometimes there are too many users at once so keep trying.)

      I'll play new stuff that hasn't hit the stores yet, old stuff I love, ska, hardcore, electronic, emo, indie, local and requests if I can find it.

      If you play music or know someone who does, I'll play their stuff on my show. You just have to send it to me! BTW, I'm the summer music
      director. Call me during my office hours on monday from 1-4pm at 518-276-2648 or just mail it now!

      Music Director
      1 WRPI Plaza
      Troy, NY 12180

      Recent quotes that are stuck in my brain.
      During the summer 'friends are at a premium in the Capital District'. -Colin
      'people are poor in places' - Mr. DeNee

      my fax number (978) 359-0329
      And YOU yes you can send me a fax for FREE. Go to www.fax4free.com! It's all browser based.
      There are some hardcore shows and some experimental shows coming up at Valentine's and the Loft. Check out the list's webpage at onelist.com. There is a coolass calendar that I've added these events to. Add yours!
      what do you guys think of this? is it fun yet?

      Have a fun summer!