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Screenwriters: Add in extra wiggle room

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  • scriptdoctor911
    Hey: This is for screenwriters who are seeking that extra edge. Yeah, it s that time of year. Tis the contest season. The entry clock is
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2002
      Hey:<br><br>This is for screenwriters who are
      seeking that extra edge. <br><br>Yeah, it's that time of
      year. 'Tis the contest season. The entry clock is
      ticking.<br><br>And, y'know, if previous submittal rates to my Web
      site -> <a href=http://www.ScriptDoctor911.com target=new>http://www.ScriptDoctor911.com</a> -> are
      any indication of what's in store for the Guru in the
      next two months per the approaching <br>competition
      deadlines -- then it's strongly recommended that
      screenwriters send in their scripts early if they'd like to use
      my <br>editing services to spruce up their contest
      entries.<br><br>Why?<br><br>Because the Guru's intensive red-ink edit tends to find
      the weak spots in dialogue and story, and many times
      writers will need a few weeks to work through a rewrite
      before they proceed to submit their entries to the major
      competitions. <br><br>(Also, there's new media coverage coming
      to ScriptDoctor911.com, and the prognostication is
      that the Guru's workload will be increasing.)
      <br><br>Therein, don't wait until a couple of weeks before the
      Nicholl or Chesterfield deadlines . . . or the Disney
      application window. The truly savvy contestants, um, know to
      factor in some extra wiggle room so that they won't have
      to be rushing to the post office at the last
      <br>minute.<br><br>(Talent rises to the occasion.)<br><br>So, there it
      is.<br><br>Best,<br><br>Guru -> ScriptDoctor911.com ->
      <a href=http://www.ScriptDoctor911.com target=new>http://www.ScriptDoctor911.com</a>
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