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Re: [ticket2write] Milton Query

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  • Milton Trachtenburg
    Vincent A Tennant Vincent P Tennant View Details 88 Vero Beach, FL David Vincent Tennant Jannine Tennant John C Tennant Justin C Tennant Lisa Renee Tennant
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 21, 2013
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      Vincent A Tennant
      Vincent P Tennant

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      88Vero Beach, FL

      Would this be him? Vero Beach is about 100 miles north of Miami but still very much in the sub-tropical belt of Florida.

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      Hi Milton
      Following my last to you (41856):
      One of the cadets on my course at Miami was a man named Vincent Tenant.
      Now, what I am about to ask of you may make you believe I've 'fallen off my trolley'.
      Vince emigrated to Florida (Miami I believe) and none of the old crowd have heard from him since to the best of my limited knowledge.
      I know it's much the same as asking a man from Swansea in Wales If he knows the whereabouts of Dai Jones, or enquiring these days if anyone in Birmingham knows a Mr Mahommed Patel but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Over & out.
      As always

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