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Re: Commonality of nations. (Suzianne 41771 More deadly than the male)

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  • Susan Donahue
    Dear Wings, The lady awakened the spirit of individual responsibility in your country and mine. That reminded us that each person has choices, and those
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      Dear Wings,

      The lady awakened the spirit of individual responsibility in your country and mine. That reminded us that each person has choices, and those choices opened opportunities to earn and thrive. We may have our ups and downs, but we know we are not limited. That separates us from slaves.


      --- In ticket2write@yahoogroups.com, "Wings081" <wings081@...> wrote:
      > Dear Suzi
      > Re."ommitted the UK from the list of nations"
      > My list was comprised of the living ladies of powerful influence.
      > I will always look upon Margaret Thatcher as our country's
      > saviour after the dark days of WW2 and I am disgusted at
      > the present vilification of the dead who now lack the voice to
      > answer their accusers.
      > The Iron Lady quite rightly silenced the unions before they could
      > bankrupt us all.
      > I am not against the union movement and admire the Tolpuddle Martyrs
      > who were sentenced to Transportation to Australia for illegally forming friendly societies(later to be known as Trade Unions)
      > I once worked in a 'Closed Shop' environment when I was told:
      > "Become a member or get out"
      > With the responsibility of a family resting on my shoulders,I paid my dues but the local union representative hard man didn't bargain for my attendance when he called a meeting to close the works.
      > Chest out like a fighting cockerel,he ended his speech with:
      > "Right then I take it we are all on strike as from the close of this meeting please let me have a show of hands"
      > Looking around, I saw quite a few who were unsure,taking time to drag their hand upwards as possibly,like me,they had families relying on their income to survive.
      > I rose to my feet and complained we needed individual support,not the word of one man.
      > I suggested a secret ballot resulting in "No Strike"
      > The union man hated me thereafter for taking the wind from his sails
      > but many of my fellow wage slaves patted me on the back for doing a
      > Maggie Thatcher.
      > I will always maintain unions are great if you have the right leaders
      > but bullies I cannot abide.
      > As always
      > Wings
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      > > Dear Wings,
      > >
      > > You are such a gentleman, but I know you are quite familiar with Ruyard Kipling. In his wisdom, he warned that "The Female of the Species is More Deadly than the Male."
      > >
      > > http://www.potw.org/archive/potw96.html
      > >
      > > Suzianne
      > >
      > >
      > > By the way, you omitted the UK from your list of nations that have elected female leaders. We in the United States have not forgotten our dear friend, Lady Margaret Thatcher. My mother and I will be up early in the morning Wednesday to watch the memorial service at St. Paul's and our Union Jack will be waiving in the Arkansas breeze that day. We had the honor of meeting her several years ago at my brother's university in Illinois and have remained devoted fans.
      > >
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      > > --- In ticket2write@yahoogroups.com, "Wings081" <wings081@> wrote:
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      > > > Commonality of nations.
      > > >
      > > > Germany, Liberia,Argentina, Bangledesh, Iceland,
      > > > Lithuania, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia,
      > > > Slovakia, Brazil, Kosova, Thailand, Denmark, Jamaica,
      > > > Malawi and South Korea.
      > > > What is it that sets these countries apart from the rest?
      > > > They all have elected female presidents or Prime Ministers.
      > > > Those countries have heads of state who are more interested
      > > > in making love and raising a family,than starting another war.
      > > >
      > > > It is an unwritten law of this group (t2w) that politics and religion
      > > > are verboten when submitting poems and stories, but in this instance,
      > > > with a stupid little boy in North Korea threatening to initiate
      > > > Armageddon, I hope I will be excused from pointing out the obvious:
      > > > If you want peace in this world you should sack the warring males and rely on our womenfolk to tidy the house and control the purse strings.
      > > > Like the Amazons of old, the women should only allow their men to
      > > > share the blankets when propagation of their species is required.
      > > >
      > > > If my fellow males consider these comments to be traitorous to our
      > > > gender, so be it, but I've seen enough of war and would relish
      > > > a period of peaceful cohabitation.
      > > > As always
      > > > Wings
      > > >
      > >
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