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RE: [ticket2write] Tasteless copy.

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  • Jay Doggett
    Yeah, you re lucky you didn t get the stocks in the public square for that well written piece, Wings. ... From: ticket2write@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 3, 2013
      Yeah, you're lucky you didn't get the stocks in the public square for that well written piece, Wings.
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      The editor of a popular daily will usually acknowledge with thanks much of the work I submit, but the following evoked not one iota of response:
      Sexual harassment.
      "I'll tell you a tale that will shock you to the core:
      My little princess was beautiful with reddish brown hair and those big
      brown eyes which made me want to cuddle her close whenever we met.
      Not yet ten years old she made friends so readily with everyone.
      Then one day my whole world collapsed about me as I turned a corner
      of my garden and found my princess pinned to the ground by the weight
      of a muscular black male.
      He was astride her as she lay face down on the ground and it was
      obvious his intention was impregnation of a weak and helpless young
      My temper got the better of me as I aimed a well directed boot
      to his nether regions.
      I took my princess into the bathroom and washed her thoroughly
      to rinse away the result of the offence.
      However I realised this was to no avail as the Kennel Club would
      now never accept a continuation of her pedigree but by the same
      token, it will be a long time before that big black Labrador comes
      sniffing round my house again."

      In the light of recent claims of harassment perhaps the editor
      considered my submission to be rather more tasteless or tactless than an effort on my part to ease the tension created by a small number of females jumping on the modern bandwagon of compensation.
      I always add my name and location to every item I submit because,in this instance,if it were to be published, anybody who has known me for years will know that, although I may make light fun with my opposite gender,I would lay my life and/or reputation on the line to protect a female in distress.

      As always

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