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  • Wings081
    Dear Milt Re: Stop me from chewing my nails When I was a little brat, I also had a habit of thumb sucking and nail biting. To cure me of this addiction,
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 10, 2013
      Dear Milt
      Re: "Stop me from chewing my nails"
      When I was a little brat, I also had a habit of thumb sucking and nail biting.
      To cure me of this addiction, Mother would coat my digits with an unguent called Bitter Aloes.
      So, did it cure me? Not on your Nelly. I would suck it all off;stick out my thumb and ask for "More Mummy,More".
      It must run in our family because when my young sister was at college
      she would compose her essays with her right hand holding the pen and her left thumb firmly stuck in her mouth.Perhaps it was a case of serendipity for she possessed the gift of collating our mother tongue
      into the delightful,if sometimes argumentative,loquacious gems of wisdom which remain to this day and have withstood the trials of raising a wonderful family of her own.

      You are not alone Milt.Keep chipping away.
      As always

      --- In ticket2write@yahoogroups.com, mtracht508@... wrote:
      > Dear Wings:
      > In the USA, the latest kerfuffle is about a particular group eating dog
      > and cat meat. And in Miami, recently we had someone who ate a man's
      > face...while he was still alive. As long as they don't try to stop me from chewing
      > my nails. I do draw a little blood once in a while but I do not swallow it!
      > I, for one, never eat hamburgers at restaurants. You don't know what may be
      > contained in them and I like to know what I am eating, though I do not
      > begrudge others their exotic tastes.
      > Man is the ultimate survivor. He will eat anything digestable under the
      > worst of circumstances. So, why make a biblical issue of it?
      > Bunnies beware!
      > Milt
      > In a message dated 2/9/2013 7:22:16 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      > wings081@... writes:
      > Dear Suzi
      > "Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest"
      > Thus spoke Henry the second in the year 1170.
      > The priest in question was Thomas Becket, archbishop of Canterbury.
      > Three men relieved Henry of his burden by Murdering Thomas
      > in Canterbury Cathedral.
      > That my friends would have been stop press news back then if
      > they had a press.
      > What of today's stop press announcements:
      > In the Middle East and Far East, people are slaughtering each other
      > for no logical rhyme or reason. Young children are being gunned down in
      > their classrooms and so you would think our newspapers and television
      > reporters would have a field day with warring topics worldwide.
      > But what is emblazoned on our news-sheets and the headlines of UK
      > television news programmes?
      > Horsemeat, horsemeat and more horsemeat.
      > Place names such as Cairo and Afghanistan have been replaced with Stary
      > Sacs and Rawa Mazowiecka in Poland and Metz in France from which places
      > horsemeat is being sent to Hull and North Tyneside in UK for onward transport to
      > County Monaghan in the Irish Republic where it is processed before sending
      > to European supermarkets.
      > For the sake of our sanity, get a life you newspaper hacks. We kill and
      > eat cattle, pigs and goats, frogs and snails, why all this fuss about the nag
      > who lost you a fortune at the races.
      > Overloaded mules carrying the army supplies through the jungles of Burma
      > during WW2 would often die from exhaustion en-route to the next stop.
      > Did the sappers bury the poor creature? No they were so very short of
      > rations their friend of one day became their sustenance for the hard trek ahead
      > through Jap infested territory.
      > Some years ago I bought two horses (Oakapple & Star of pride) for my
      > daughter and I can assure you those two animals received better love and care
      > than was afforded to Moi.
      > I love and respect horses but please Mr Editor, give your reporters
      > another assignment and let the police sort out the horsemeat question at issue.
      > As Ever
      > Wings
      > .
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