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Robbo: Old McGinty’s Cross-eyed Bull.

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  • Bernard d
    Old McGinty s Cross-eyed Bull. McGinty called him, `that bludger, with a low reproductive count , but the animal was cross eyed, and he couldn t see what to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2012
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      Old McGinty's Cross-eyed Bull.

      McGinty called him, `that bludger, with a low reproductive count',
      but the animal was cross eyed, and he couldn't see what to mount.
      Too wild, he became to capture, this odd beast with a gaze absurd.
      McGinty rued the day he bought him, he would never see his herd.

      So much for any clear and perfect vision, forget, that hocus-pocus,
      McGinty's bull went out upon the prod with both eyes out of focus!
      One might reason that the point exists where two images converge,
      but the poor Ol' bull could never find it, whenever he had the urge!

      Quite the fearful beast this was, old man McGinty's cross-eyed bull,
      with malevolence and hatred for men, that befuddled mind was full.
      It haunted, one bit of brigalow scrub, out beyond the creek side flat,
      and it was a wide berth locals gave it, you can be amply sure of that.

      Cross-eyed, was one condition, which the world grossly understated,
      while a violent homicidal nature, was something frequently debated.
      He put the wind up trained blue heeler dogs, there, among the trees,
      he's still out there, this very day, trying to mutilate anything he sees.

      He's loosened up tourist bowels…rejuvenated, many a gray nomad,
      those blokes found acceleration, the likes of which, they never had!
      In those `terrify the unwary stakes', he's more than filled his quota,
      he has the look of a stunned mullet but that doesn't matter one iota.

      Is it a primeval beast from worlds beyond, or, a weird reincarnation,
      or might it possibly be, a deformed result, of too long an incubation.
      Forget your lunar cycles, it never matters, if the moon is new or full,
      it forever is the force to reckon with…Ol' McGinty's cross-eyed bull…

      ©. Copyright: Bernard de Silva…Saturday, November 3rd, 2012…
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