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  • Bernard d
    I GUESS, THAT S WHAT I AM. Yet another, `rustic philosopher …I prefer, to think not, the `not so critical engraver , being more suited perhaps. One prepared
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2012
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      Yet another, `rustic philosopher'…I prefer, to think not,
      the `not so critical engraver', being more suited perhaps.
      One prepared to etch the backgrounds, Sensation forgot,
      mundane edges of Reality, where Convenience overlaps.

      Few, analyze Commitment…or ask, "why does it matter",
      Earth reverberates to Media's overtures, topical, in hype.
      Discussion's worth is shed…with words, but idle chatter,
      today's sensation, will be tomorrow's history, set in type.

      It's about what fills a forefront and Sensationalism sells,
      any underlying causes are seldom profitable to expound.
      Money, not a social conscience is the force that compels,
      and Creatures of Convenience, about this world abound…

      It may seem that even fewer bother, Convention to decry,
      so mass media runs unfettered and truth eludes its grasp.
      It falls to the scribes of social comment, censure to apply,
      but indifference has blunted, any etching tools they clasp.

      Perhaps Wisdom evolves, with the advantage of precedent,
      from history upon Time's tablet…a past engraver's realm.
      Best label me, merely as a pilgrim, beset with social intent,
      part of a tired legion, with Maturity labouring at the helm…

      ©. Copyright: Bernard de Silva…3 November, 2012…
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