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The Lucky Country

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  • darrenallgood33
    This is a poem about the country I have made home away from home. If you didn t know already I come from England and have lived here almost half my life. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2012
      This is a poem about the country I have made home away from home. If you didn't know already I come from England and have lived here almost half my life. I like to think of myself at least half Australian in the regard of time but of course I will always be English born and bred but buttered in Australia-(if I may use the words of Jimeoin, an expat Irish comedian who has also decided to call Australia his home)
      I realise there are far more educated and intelligent writers here, so please excuse my efforts to generate a story I hope brings you enjoyment in reading.

      There is a special place on Earth,
      with enormous wealth and worth.
      A grand red land surrounded by sand and so much sea,
      for the eye to see. Therefore relax, sit back and I'll hark back,
      with fond memory.
      Here people like to escape from the hustle and bustle,
      but value hard work, 'tho it's true too that some may shirk,
      responsibility and the merits of labour for the soul,
      if they stay too long at the watering hole.
      A myriad of multicultural men, women and children,
      all rejoice because they are young and free,
      in a country of great diversity.
      From the tropics and the wet to the desert dawn and red sunset,
      life is very varied. After the rains have come and gone,
      ripples on placid pools of water shimmer and mirror the radiant
      rays of the morning sun, doing a dazzling dance on the
      sparkling surface, in the solace of silence.
      Dew drops fall from forest leaves, disturbed by birds,
      fluttering on the wings of the wind.
      High up above the canopy of copious trees,
      that shelter many species of flora,clouds create an aura of mystery,
      sending shadows sprawling over a vast vista.
      Looking to the East can be a feast for the eyes,
      with many spectacular sights to surprise. Surfing the ocean,
      with magnificent motion, dolphins cruise and dive,
      in the wake of the waves, delight they derive.
      The Coral reef that lives beneath the shallow surface of the sea,
      is a wonder to behold from downunder truth be told.
      Down South in a city with the style of a town by the mouth of a bay,
      boats weave their way past people on the pier,
      looking into the clear water to see schools of fish,
      swimming and in a feeding frenzy. A great ocean road graces the coast,
      agreeable to most that live within reach of a lazy beach,
      as they determine to ride the tide.
      Way out west which some say is the best, across the barren wilderness,
      where birds swoop in flight over a bite of white cliffs,
      the young and old seek riches of gold in the mines.
      While travelling around on the arid ground, dust storms can be found,
      swirling and whirling with the wind in a tempest.
      Up north where many have set forth, citizens swelter
      and some seek refuge from the heat,
      beating it by bathing in billabongs. `Tho to others,
      the weather smothers as they sweat and strive just to stay alive.
      Crocodiles creep and Koalas sleep, Kangaroos hop,
      and people slowly shop in the `Top End' of town,
      which many would call the jewel in the crown.
      However, you'll never, never know, if you never, never go.
      This place has it all, from snow capped mountains and waterfalls,
      to magnificent fountains and Kookaburra calls, deadly snakes,
      and red back spiders, big salt lakes and yellow-bellied gliders.
      It is a nation of people that have sought a better life,
      from worldwide locations, sometimes fleeing strife. Here too `tho
      times can be tough but Terra Australis is a diamond in the rough.
      We live and let live and as one, we are many, belonging to the land,
      we friendly welcome any.
      So if you set sail for these shores, the privilege will be yours,
      and when you leave, you may grieve for the land you left behind,
      that somehow simply stole your heart and mind.
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