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  • albiaicehouse
    A Nancy, a chara, I am not sure what you mean by getting your writing back up to speed. I haven t used those programs, but I question any program s utility
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      A Nancy, a chara,

      I am not sure what you mean by getting your "writing back up to speed."

      I haven't used those programs, but I question any program's utility in writing.

      I think you need to write in a place where interruption and distraction are minimized and in that process you need to pay almost no attention to grammar. Just write what you think.

      When your first draft is long enough (and this can range from a chapter to an entire story or novel) then you can go back and edit.

      In the editing process, you are going to consider every letter in every word, every comma and every word in every phrase, and every phrase in every sentence. You are going to zoom in and out with your mind from the most minute to a birds eye view of the structure of what you have written.

      I am a proponent of software in many, many situations. I have self taught myself software of all kinds. ACAD (Automated Computer Assisted Design) is the hardest because there are so many tools that almost nothing is intuitive. I used to write macros in certain programs. I jockey spreadsheets pretty well for the amount of time I devote to them. I've written small programs in Fortran, Basic, C, and C++. I will turn to software for all kinds of shortcuts and solutions in professional and personal life.

      That said, I find grammar checking software the most useless thing in the digital universe. I think the reason is there are no shortcuts when it comes to editing writing, with the possible exception of spell checking, but even their (did you catch that?) homonyms can ruin the impression you make. Editing is so complex, so important, and so painstakingly minute in its scope, the suggestions I get from grammar checkers drive me crazy!

      What do you think?


      --- In ticket2write@yahoogroups.com, "nancya" <nancya@...> wrote:
      > I was wondering if the writing checker software, like Grammeryl and White Smoke, are any good and worth buying. I desperately need the help to get my writing back up to speed but did not want to make such an investment without seeing what people think of it.
      > NancyA
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