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The Randy Rodents, Road Riders Club.

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  • Bernard d
    The Randy Rodents, Road Riders Club. Busty Blanche and Old Bludger Billy, `Jail bait Jenny, and Joseph the grub. Mongrel Mick with Lamentable Lilly, together
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2011

      The Randy Rodents, Road Riders Club.


      Busty Blanche and Old Bludger Billy,

      `Jail bait' Jenny, and Joseph the grub.

      Mongrel Mick with Lamentable Lilly,

      together started, this motorbike club…


      These, were the foundation members,

      and life's dregs make one sad retinue.

      Youth's flame, diminished to embers,

      put together a weird inglorious crew.


      Club logos rampant rodents did glory,

      polite correctness, all seemed to snub,

      A name, lending impact, to the story,

      "Randy Rodents, Road Riders Club".


      Their clubhouse, a run down bordello

      well remembered, and once never idle.

      Their Sergeant at Arms was a fellow,

      with paranoid habits almost suicidal.


      All social outcasts or lay about thugs,

      with a few randy old harlots, besides…

      This mob, ferried mountains of drugs,

      all under a pretext of interstate rides.


      Membership grew, and defenses too,

      with more armory, than your R.A.R

      Rivals, did a review, on lost revenue,

      sought reinforcements then from afar.


      "Step, too high, and you'll likely fall,"

      that Rival mob gave out the warning.

      Didn't bother Randy Rodents, at all,

      they seemed prepared for the warring.


      The Rival mob, grabbed Bludger Billy,

      beat him, till he scarcely drew breath.

      Ol' Busty Blanche the top heavy filly,

      well that mob loved her, half to death.


      Those Randy Rats, soon found the pair,

      rose as one, to a rousing calling to arms.

      Ten Rivals vanished, gone into thin air.

      Sergeant Paranoia had not any qualms.


      Mean while the Law just stood around,

      waiting about, to see the warfare ensue.

      Their simplest solution, long ago found,

      letting them fight, is damned easy to do.


      Fight, they did, ever Rat, against Rival,

      back and forth, those battle tides raged..

      Mongrel Mick, had an idea for survival,

      Rats, in cop clothes, day attacks staged..


      The Grub, dressed in a dead Rival's gear,

      hurled a grenade, at stand-about screws.

      Then to their clubhouse, Rats disappear,

      and the arranged mass slaughter, peruse.


      Urban war, with deeds, too vile to relay,

      gutters ran red, with blood, of the dead…

      All living Rivals, the police locked away,

      and Rodents escaped Scot-free, it is said.


      Those wiser Rodents, disbanded the club,

      then invested, their funny money in land.

      A company director, one Joseph, the Grub,

      made their company, prosper, and expand.


      Those randy old harlots, the bordello took,

      and people say, the joint's swinging again.

      Proof is in history…it's there, if you look.

      to say sex, or crime, will not pay, is insane…


      ©. Copyright: Bernard de Silva. 30th. July 2011…


      (Bludger, an individual, never gainfully employed

      who leeches upon Society, relatives or friends…)

      (R.A.R. is an abbreviation, usually preceded

      by the applicable number, used for any one of the

      Australian Army's, "Royal Australian Regiments".)

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