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(Bit of Bush) Robbo on : MAJOR MACHO’S MONGREL MEALS.

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  • Bernard d
    Glossary : M.M.M.M. Fair Dinkum = The real deal. The genuine article… Dacks = legged garments covering below the waist… Bollocks = Testicles .
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2011

      Glossary : M.M.M.M.

      "Fair Dinkum" = The real deal. The genuine article…

      "Dacks" = legged garments covering below the waist…

      "Bollocks" = Testicles .

      "Chunder" = Vomit (Noun)…The act of Vomiting (Verb).

      "Scrub" = The "Bush", well outside the city limits…

      "I give you the rub" = I'll tell you the true facts…

      "Camp Oven" = A cast iron cooking utensil, a deep pot

                                 with a close fitting cast lid, which cooks

                                 by being buried, with the raw ingredients

                                 inside, in the coals of a wood fire outdoors.

      Away we go...




      Turn me loose in that kitchen…I was born to create,

      fair dinkum Aussie tucker, best, blokes have ever ate.

      Nothing fancy, mind you, just packing, for your ribs,

      anti-chunder fodder, right to old age from your cribs.


      For tiny tots, nutrition, that doesn't soil their dacks,

      stuff so appealing, to halt food wastage in its tracks.

      For older boys, my secret mix produces sporting stars,

      for teens, a bromide beverage, limits nonsense, in cars.


      I plunder `vege' markets…buy drinking man produce,

      I whip up gourmet treats, alcohol retention, to reduce.

      My bonus to the worker who eats, drinks, then drives,

      a prescription diuretic casserole with celery and chives.


      I've a `rejuvenation rissole', that's prairie oyster based,

      barbecued buffalo bollocks, in savory crumbs, encased.

      A special for a late night party, with alcohol, as a rule,

      a ripper remedy, hunger to banish and virility to refuel.


      A catalogue of culinary concoctions, unseen in any book,

      with my non-chunder additive to stop you getting crook.

      Years of research went finding that, I'll give you the rub,

      I'm a virtual Colonel Whatisname, right out of the scrub.


      Stick to your ribs packing, and Camp Oven Cordon-bleu,

      eat all you like, when you like, no chundering will occur.

      Turn me loose, in any kitchen and I guarantee I'll create,

      the things nobody's seen before on that there's no debate…


      ©. Copyright: Bernard de Silva…30/6/2011.

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