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  • Bernard d
    ORACLES AND ODSSEYS. Noted, he wouldn t mind some company, he d said, life gets dreary on your own , but he was a vagabond, one of the many, who the settled
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      Noted, he wouldn't mind some company,

      he'd said, "life gets dreary on your own",

      but he was a vagabond, one of the many,

      who the settled life, never, can condone…


      Seems he'd grown up, feeling `anchored',

      destiny governed, in a multitude of ways.

      For the Freedom found afar he hankered,

      the horizon calling, all his live long days.


      "Wasn't the easy escape, Youth expected,"

      he said, of early wanderings on the track.

      I'd listened as a weathered man reflected,

      "You sever ties, and there's no way back".


      Hardship he had dwelt upon, explaining,

      how he'd learned of life, from wiser men.

      Words, of revelation, not of complaining,

      insight, to how things were different then.


      "Experience says be wary whom you trust,

      both good, and bad, shall cross your path.

      Wits sharpen, when you've a wander lust,

      a crusty reprobate you see, is its aftermath.


      I've wandered sprawling cities of renown,

      seen but squalor no Nirvana have I found.

      I trekked alone, to many an outback town,

      the way ahead, is never homeward bound.


      Relationships I've had, all soon put to rest,

      and I have memories, a man never forgets.

      Within I bear the scars which to love attest,

      but roads still beckon so I have few regrets".


      I watched him, when he turned away to go,

      he smiled and I wondered what he thought.

      "Anchored," I said, "guess I'll never know."

      "Seems you're rooted", was his final retort.


      ©. Copyright: Bernard de Silva…1/4/2011.


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