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Bit of Bush. The Loafer’s Lament.

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  • Bernard d
    The Loafer s Lament. Talk about a whinger , this bloke, would take the cake, any subject, any situation, a most dismal view he d take. For all policies or
    Message 1 of 1 , May 16, 2010
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                       The Loafer's Lament.


      Talk about a "whinger", this bloke, would take the cake,

      any subject, any situation, a most dismal view he'd take.

      For all policies or economics any Government he'd deplore.

      no matter what was given free, he always asked for more.


      The boss was just a mongrel, same as every one he'd had,

      the hourly rate was always poor…conditions always bad.

      There was just no point in toiling, so far as he could see,

      but this dole is pretty meager, again, not enough for free.


      Another thing that irked him, was the role of womankind,

      his views, on the role of lackey, were most clearly defined.

      He gave them love, gave them kids…what did they expect?

      They should be out there working to improve their intellect.


      This country wanted population, why is he doing it so tough?

      The endowment and those allowances, are plainly not enough.

      Crikey, he'd once worked so hard, both his hands would bleed,

      paid absolute mountains in tax, this is a sorry reward indeed.


      Taxes Mate, hit a man who likes to drink and have a smoke,

      if you're on the dole, there's no entertainment if you're broke.

      Course it's not like he wouldn't work to earn an honest `bob',

      it's just those mugs at Centre-Link can't provide an easy job.


      You'll still find him at the local, drinking in the smoker zone,

      bitching about the injustice and how Government can't atone.

      His wife and kids he reckons, would drive you insane dead set,

      whining all the bloody time, he has to lash out and have a bet.


      The beer is flat, pipes unclean, the temperature out of whack,

      the barmaids can't pull a beer and the counter meals are slack.

      His health was his wealth, but now he's on the downhill slope.

      Lucky, he's an optimist he reckons, or he simply could not cope…


      ©. Copyright: Bernard de Silva…17th of May 2010…

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