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August 1 Unobstructed Hosted BY Alaina R Alexander with Dr. Debbie Campbell & Nathaniel Bellows

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  • Rafael Alvarado
    The World Wide Word Radio Network Is proud to present the following upcoming shows (check out the bios for our guests below) To listen to any of our shows
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      The World Wide Word Radio Network

      Is proud to present the following upcoming shows
      (check out the bios for our guests below)

        To listen to any of our shows click below
       Listen live or later
      Feel free to download any of our archived shows
       Call in number (718) 508-9717


      This Saturday
      August 2nd
      3 pm Pacific, 6 Pm Eastern
       Hosted by Alaina R. Alexander
       She will be talking to

      Dr. Debbie Campbell
      Nathaniel Bellows

      “Dr. Debbie” is a Clinical Psychologist as well as a Certified Coach.  Dr. Campbell has been in practice for over 17 years.  As a Coach, Dr. Campbell assists individuals and organizations to achieve their goals and increase their success.
      Dr. Debbie has a Masters Degree in Counseling, a Masters Degree in Education, and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.
      Dr. Campbell’s book, “DARE TO SUCCEED: How to Transcend Your Fears and Achieve Your Goals” is hailed as a positive, inspirational, and motivational book to help people work through fears and obstacles to achieve their goals.  DARE TO SUCCEED is full of mini-assessments, important insights, and practical exercises to assist the reader to greater success through achievement of their goals. 
      Dr. Campbell also offers a companion product to DARE TO SUCCEED, a set of 36 beautiful images set to affirmations and inspirational quotes.  These cards are designed to motivate, inspire, and increase focus to achieve goals.  The cards can be posted where one can see and utilize them daily, and may also be used in meditation or journaling.
      Dr. Campbell’s organizational work includes corporate training in the area of emotional intelligence with KTLA/Tribune, Warner Brothers Entertainment, and Mattel.  Dr. Campbell also does customized 360’s assessments, and executive coaching.
      Currently, Dr. Debbie has a cable show (Time Warner, Channel 20 in Santa Clarita) with her own DARE TO SUCCEED SHOW which airs Monday evenings at 6:30 p.m.  Dr. Debbie interviews successful business people who have surmounted obstacles and achieved success.  The show includes tips and a challenge, as well as presenting inspirational stories.
      Additionally, Dr. Debbie can be heard on the radio (streaming live at www.hometownstation.com ) weekly as a co-host at KHT 1220 AM for “ Today’s Woman”, airing Wednesdays at noon (PST).

      Nathaniel Bellows is the author of the novel, ON THIS DAY, and the collection of poems, WHY SPEAK? He has published fiction in The Paris Review, Post Road, Redivider, and THE BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES 2005, edited by Michael Chabon. His poems have appeared in The New York Times Book Review, The New Republic, The Paris Review, and many other journals. He lives in New York
      Translated By
      Shaindel Beers
      As She talk about the Process of Translation with

      William O'Daly

      The Hands of Day

      Pablo Neruda

      fady joudah,

      The Butterfly's Burden,

      Mahmoud Darwish

      10 am Pacific time, 12pm central 1 pm eastern
      Join Rafael F. J. Alvarado (aka Moe Green) &
      Shaindel Beers
      as  they listens to  the poetry of
      Ishmael Reed
      Tennessee Reed

      11 am Pacific time, 1pm central 2 pm eastern
      Join Rafael F. J. Alvarado (aka Moe Green) & Linda Ravenswood

      as  listens to  the poetry of



      1 pm Pacific time, 3pm central 4  pm eastern
      Join Rafael F. J. Alvarado (aka Moe Green) & Shaindel Beers

      as  listens to poetry in Translation

      William O'Daly

      Niloufar Talebi


      Listen as  S.A. Griffin
      welcomes the editors of
      Halala Madiba: Nelson Mandela in Poetry
      Edited by Richard Bartlett and Raks Seakhoa

      Join Rafael F. J. Alvarado (aka Moe Green) & Kate Durbin
      as They listens to the poetry of

      Juan Felipe Herrera

      Alexis Vergalla


      Listen  to Easy Speak

      Doug Knott
      as he speaks with
      former Poet Laureate of the United States (1997-2000).
      Robert Pinsky
      of Gulf Music
      link below
      Listen to
       For The Love Of Poetry
       Hosted by Cassandra Love

       She Wil Be Talking to 
      Naomi Shihab Nye

      listen to


       Hosted by Alaina R. Alexander
      As she talks to Valerie Martínez & John C Sweet
      listen to

        Between the Sheets: Conversations with Editors & Publishers

       Join Stacey Mangiaracina & Roy K. Johnston
      as they speak with

      Tia Chucha Press

      Luis J. Rodriguez

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