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I'm back down

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  • Richard J. Bates
    again for the winter. As Gwen sez ... you guys have been chatty lately. Some trying times in the real world too, looks like. And Suze is living where now? We
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2007
      again for the winter. As Gwen sez ... you guys have been chatty lately. Some trying times in the real world too,  'looks like.
      And Suze is living where now? We can send you a few buckets of snow for Christmas maybe?
      I'd been working at my island cottage job right up till those snows overcame us.   The builders ( an expansion project) has absolutely decimated my gardens with their 20 inch caterpillar treads. 
      Ask me if I have enough work to do next Spring!

      I treasure the memories of  my U.K. visit! Uncle Jim is a lovable ol chap and aunt Millie will give you anything you want to eat or drink ... with the exception of orange juice at breakfast [ for some reason].
      He drove me all around the midlands.
       I visited the power props at the North Sea, the Stump in his hometown, the town of Lincoln,  with it's incredible views and teeming population.
      My plan is to take all the Hi-8 tapes and cut and paste in the computer this winter.

      Here's the poem I wrote for them -


      We breezed along the motorway,
      And cast our view to fall's array
      Of English greenery's display
      Me Uncle Jim and I.

      A finer tour there never was
      The movie cam did - what it does
      The weather bloke deserved applause;
      It was comfortably dry.

      We scaled the heights of Steep Hill Lane
      And parapets in King's domain
      We walked the stones which surfs had lain
      Revived the days that spoke of pain
      `Stood towered in the sky

      We watched the geese on grassy bog
      And leaned ourselves upon a log
      The sun was there but not the fog
      Where sheep abound without the dog
      And the magpies were-n't shy;
      `Beheld the pilgrim prison house
      And quaffed a pint I did espouse
      `Took in a play of Richard Strauss
      `Ate a bowl of choc"lat mouse
      (Mind! The last two were a lie.)

      I'd chance to do this all again;
      To cross the land by trike or train
      Absorb by heart what eyes contain
      And if it's wet I'd not complain
      If there's puddles I can jump.

      To Millie, Jim ,and cousin Mel
      I bless your hearts and bid you well
      May North Sea fury be ever quelled
      May God sustain your ringing bell
      From old Boston of the Stump.

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