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Re: [ticket2write] Under the Hallow Moon

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  • mary kellis
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    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 31, 2007
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      Thank you, David
      --- David Roth <davidjroth2002@...> wrote:

      > Lanaia,
      > Nice piece - a couple of litle suggies below mostly
      > punctuation, and a few word thingies. I didn't do
      > the whole poem, but enough to give you an idea.:
      > Dave
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      > From: lanaia74 <lanaia74@...>
      > To: ticket2write@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2007 11:01:56 AM
      > Subject: [ticket2write] Under the Hallow Moon
      > On this Hallow's Eve, it was not my intent to be
      > caught out on this
      > night, even under a full moon[.]
      > I know my father[, not needed] has retrieved an
      > ember[, not needed] from the Druid's bonfire
      > [i]n order to drive away the ancient Celtic spirits,
      > to rid ourselves
      > of them[;] well[,] it wouldn't be too soon[.]
      > I should be beside the warm hearth in our house, but
      > instead I try
      > and hurry home before I tire.
      > The full moon sheds a haunting light, as I try so
      > hard to make my way
      > home[.]
      > Here on the night of restless souls, I did not
      > intend to be caught
      > out side [stated in the first line - redundant]
      > On this night spirits, fairies, and even gnomes are
      > known through the
      > woods to roam [to roam through the woods - reads
      > easier]
      > To be out here, with no protection, I don't want to
      > be the
      > supernatural's bride.
      > Most people, that are not Celt, say we are stupid
      > and superstores, [did you mean superstitious?]
      > for believing in such things
      > But I have seen and experienced things, there are no
      > logical
      > explanations, to make sense of such things
      > So on this cursed eve, even the light of the full
      > moon, I'm worried
      > about what the night may bring
      > I just want to get home, where I feel safe, then my
      > heart a happy
      > song may comfortably may sing.
      > I stayed to long in the village, thinking I had
      > enough time to get
      > home, before night fall
      > But I was wrong, so now here I am among the
      > creatures of the night
      > Being among them, I can here then sing their
      > haunting song, but I try
      > to remain brave, hold my head up, and walk tall
      > The full moon gives me a certain amount of light,
      > walking as fast as
      > I can, to get away from things, that would give me a
      > fright.
      > I am afraid, so I hasten my steps, to make it home,
      > under the light
      > of the very full moon
      > It seems though, the faster I walk, I hear
      > footsteps, coming directly
      > from behind me
      > I start to question my own sanity, wondering if I am
      > crazy, some kind
      > of loon
      > When I stop, the footsteps stop, there is no one
      > behind me, no one
      > that I see.
      > Soon, under the full moon, I see a welcoming most
      > wanted sight
      > I see my house, what relief I feel, on this Eve of
      > Restless Souls
      > But before I can reach the door, I totally freeze,
      > from this thing I
      > feel, all the fright
      > Under the full moon, in my back I feel something
      > sharp, as I know
      > taking my life, is this entity's major goal.
      > Happy Halloween!
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