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Re: God Protected Me

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  • latrinaljohnson
    Hi, Gwen Thank you for your kind words. It was delightful to read your response. I respond to life much differently now. At least I try. I love faster and
    Message 1 of 12 , Jul 31, 2007
      Hi, Gwen

      Thank you for your kind words. It was delightful to read your
      response. I respond to life much differently now. At least I try. I
      love faster and deeper. I am more passionate and have more
      compassion. I don't live by the rules of comfort. I take the risk of
      being rejected or dejected at the chance of living life fully. I do
      live each day as if it is my last. I choose to use kind words to
      inspire and uplift. I'm truly grateful to be alive.

      huge grin

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      > Dearest Latrina,
      > Grace is wonderful. Thanks for sharing this story about that
      > ordeal. It is good you could come out stronger inspite of this.
      > faith is amazing, and thank you for reminding us the time we have
      > should be valued.
      > Hugs,
      > Gwen
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      > >
      > > Hi, Everybody!
      > >
      > > One year ago today, I was robbed single handed at gunpoint. This
      > > occurrence contributed to a very pivotal pinnacle in my life. It
      > was
      > > a normal day, just like today. I got up, stretched my arms
      > > heaven to give God a good morning hug, showered, got dressed and
      > went
      > > to work. I had no idea, just minutes later that my very life
      > be
      > > in jeopardy.
      > >
      > > As I faced the nine-millimeter gun, I had no fear. That's the
      > > thing about being a child of God, He has not given us the spirit
      > > fear. And to die as a Christian is a gain. At one point I thought
      > the
      > > gunman was going to shoot me. When he instructed me to go into a
      > > secluded room, I surely thought a bullet was going to pierce my
      > > heart. BUT GOD! I remained calmed and did everything the gunman
      > > instructed me to do.
      > >
      > > While laying on the floor, faced down and a nine-millimeter gun
      > being
      > > pointed at the back of my head, I remember hearing the words my
      > > mother spoke to me earlier that morning, "Baby, sometimes you
      > to
      > > forgive and just let things go" Someone very close and dear to me
      > had
      > > hurt me and I had a hard time getting passed it. Then visions of
      > > two nephews and siblings and father flashed before me. I thought
      > > would never see them again. The things that seemed like a problem
      > > before became null and void seeing now that my life was at
      > >
      > > By the grace of God, I am here! Now, I live each day as if it is
      > > last, because it just might be. So, if I love someone, I will
      > > them. If I have a song to sing, I sing it. I throw caution to the
      > > wind and live a life of gratitude. I will not take my precious
      > > moments for granted. When my friends or foes come to harm me in
      > words
      > > or deeds, as my mother said, I forgive them; I just let it go.
      > > is fragile. The only thing that is guaranteed is this very moment
      > > that we're in right now. Even five minutes from now, we don't
      > if
      > > our life will expire. Because God saw fit to spare my life, I
      > > tell all the world of His goodness, mercies and everlasting
      > > God is my redeemer, protector and my friend. My heart is filled
      > with
      > > praise.
      > >
      > > I love Jesus. His love towards me is addictive. I wake every
      > morning
      > > anticipating hearing His voice. He is a God of compassion. I am
      > > without flaw and He loves me still. Sweet, sweet Jesus. So, to
      > of
      > > my friends let it be known, I've never experienced a love like
      > this.
      > > And I am in love with my Saviour.
      > >
      > > Live each moment as if it is your last. Tomorrow is not promised
      > > us. Have a sense of urgency to be the best possible person you
      > > be. Do not use your words carelessly. Make sure when you are
      > speaking
      > > to a friend that the words that you leave with them are words you
      > can
      > > live with if their lives would end the very next hour.
      > >
      > > God spared my life. I am truly grateful.
      > >
      > > Love,
      > >
      > > ~Latrina L. Johnson
      > >
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