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  • lanaia74
    If you need a writer or poet I m willing to free lance e-mail me http://www.alongstoryshort.net/lanaialee.html Don t be shy, when you visit, sign my guestbook
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 2, 2007
      If you need a writer or poet I'm willing to free lance e-mail

      Don't be shy, when you visit, sign my guestbook

      Is Lanaia the reincarnation of Edgar Allan Pole? Pay her a visit,
      read her work and you decide. I also wrote a story for you. When
      you visit, take time to sign my guestbook, so I know you were there.
      I wrote a new story just for you


      I am an Egyptian, direct descendant of Imhotep, one of Egypt's
      greatest men. Egyptology has always fascinated me. Imhotep, I
      consider to be the ancestor of the ages, I have to go to Egypt, to
      try and trace my roots. Imhotep, his resting place was never found.
      So, I am drawn to Egypt. there I will give it a shot, because if
      found, all the riches are rightfully mine, since I am a direct
      A friend of the family, Dr. Micah Emery, one of today's best
      known Egyptologist, was very close to finding the tomb.
      Unfortunately, a premature death, kept Emery from finishing his work.
      Imhotep, was a doctor, architect, philosopher, magician, and
      politician to ancient Egypt. So, finding his tomb, would be the find
      of the millennia. I have access to Dr. Emery's papers, so I will try
      to take up where he left off. I am not doing this for just the
      money, I need to feel like I belong to something, so really this is
      the major reason for my search.
      My ancestor, Imhotep, acquired some magnificent titles from
      the Pharaoh, Chancellor to the King of Lower Egypt, Hereditary
      Prince, Greatest of Seers, and Ruler of the Great Estates, these are
      but just a few. So, see his genius was far more advanced than anyone
      else at this time in Pharaoh's royal court. Imhotep's tomb never
      being found, when it is found I wonder what secrets it will hold?
      His achievements in medicine, earned him the title God of
      Medicine. Imhotep's name appears through out Egypt, but his resting
      place remains a secret. Everyone seems to think Imhotep's tomb is
      within a few hundred yards of the Step Pyramid, he designed this for
      his Pharaoh,
      I do know Dr. Emery, found a third dynasty tomb, more
      signifacantly he found a series of long underground galleries, packed
      with mummified ibises, the sacred bird of Imhotep. There were more
      than a millions of these birds found, all packed in earthen ware jars
      and this became known as the Tomb of the Birds. Dr. Emery also found,
      a series of passage ways, containing hundreds of mummified baboons,
      ancient Egypt's symbol of knowledge and wisdom. Shortly after this,
      he found a small piece of stone in a wooden box. It was barely eight
      inches long, but inscribed on it, in ancient Egyptian demonic text,
      was the electrifying words, Imhotep the Great, The Son of Plat,
      Greatest God and other Gods who live here. Dr. Emery was convinced he
      was on the right track.
      I board an Egyptian airline and I am on my way. I arrive in
      Cairo, but I must go to Saccara, twenty miles from Cairo. So I hire a
      guide and I am on my way to the Step Pyramid.
      When we arrive, it is a lot hotter than I thought it would
      be. Under the desert sun that is so bright, I think to myself, this
      same sun saw ancient Egyptians as they worked and played. This
      thought just makes me more eager to find the tomb. I look up at the
      Step Pyramid, and I gasp at the amazing build. Very impressive to
      have been built by ancient Egyptians
      I am walking around the pyramid, and I take a wrong step,
      plummeting me into a sea of darkness. The air smells very stagnate, I
      rummage around in my pockets, looking for a lighter, so I can see
      where I am. I find my lighter, flick my bic, and what I see, man
      hasn't seen in many years. I think to myself, how privileged I am, to
      be the first pair of eyes to see these ancient things in many many
      I see statues made of gold, baskets, and urns, I would guess to
      be filled with wine. But, the greatest thing I see is a sacarfagus. I
      can read hieroglyphs to an extent, enough to get by.
      Then on the sacarfagus, I see a cartouche. Within the cartouche, I
      make out the name, Imhotep.
      So, Dr. Emery was right, if only he had lived long enough to
      witness this great find. He spent forty-five years chasing this
      dream, his life's work.
      Everything I see is totally breath taking. My guide finally
      finds me and pulls me from the hidden tomb. I must hurriedly contact
      the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, but before I do this, I must hide
      the entrance to the tomb. So, many years this tomb remained hidden
      from mankind. Everything totally in tact., never being disturbed.
      Imhotep, he achieved immortality. Eternal life he has gained. As long
      as he is remembered, he will never die.

      Be sure to keep a look out for Lanaia's first novel called Of
      Atlantis, the first book of a five book fantasy series, due for
      release this fall. Make sure to watch for it!
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