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Re: [ticket2write] Re: The Game

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  • David Roth
    Glad you enjoyed this, Gwen. Dave
    Message 1 of 9 , Apr 4, 2007
      Glad you enjoyed this, Gwen.


      queen_of_cryptic_cyphers wrote:
      > Dave
      > So touchy feely. Great poem. Thanks for reminding the rest of us to
      > be thankful.
      > Hugs,
      > Gwen
    • Richard J. Bates
      Cant do much better for a choice of things to write about Dave. Very decent!
      Message 2 of 9 , Apr 4, 2007
        'Cant do much better for a choice of things to write about Dave.
        Very decent!


        --- In ticket2write@yahoogroups.com, David Roth <davidjroth2002@...>
        > This will be the third time I've posted this on Major League Baseball's
        > Opening Day.
        > The Game!
        > Because 'Every Child Deserves to Play Baseball'
        > By David Roth
        > © 9^th March, 2005
        > /Dedicated to handicapped children everywhere,/
        > /And to the special caring hearts who/
        > /Created the Miracle League, /
        > /So these special children could play 'The Game'/
        > _http://www.miracleleague.com <http://www.miracleleague.com/>_
        > He sat on the sideline,
        > Laughing and cheering
        > Along with everyone else
        > Over each crack of the bat,
        > Or each swing and miss.
        > He loved the game
        > And he loved the thrill
        > Of just being there
        > With everyone else.
        > He loved the silly guy
        > With the peanuts and soda,
        > And that funny hat he wore,
        > And nothing could beat
        > The taste of a baseball field Hot Dog.
        > He loved the sound of the organ,
        > And 'tuh dah tuh dah tuh-dah!'
        > But he especially loved to sing
        > 'Take Me Out To the Ballgame'
        > The louder and more off --key the better.
        > And so every day his Mother
        > Dressed him in his 'Yankee pins'
        > Loaded his wheelchair into their van,
        > And took him down to watch
        > The game he would never play.
        > She cried watching him
        > Her heart breaking at the sight,
        > But he never cried.
        > He would never run the bases,
        > Chase down a deep outfield fly,
        > Or hear the umpire yell 'Yer out!'
        > As he slide into second base.
        > He would never throw a strike,
        > 'Round third base
        > Or hit a home-run,
        > But, oh, how he loved the game!
        > But today, his dream comes to life!
        > In a way no one could have imagined,
        > On a field designed especially for him
        > And for others like him,
        > He sits in his chair, bat in hand,
        > Waiting for that magical first pitch.
        > Today, the miracle takes place,
        > The glow of his face visible for miles.
        > And with his mother and father watching
        > Tears streaming down their cheeks
        > This child, body ravaged
        > By the cruelty of disease,
        > Locked forever in that rolling chair,
        > Is doing the impossible:
        > Today he will play 'The Game!'
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