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Oprah ! Oprah! Are you paying attention? I'm available. Call me.

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  • amblingalong
    Oprah, I m sorry to be acting this way, but I m running out of time down here. I know it ain t like a Southerone gentleman to carry on this way, but,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2006

      I'm sorry to be acting this way, but I'm running out of time down
      here. I know it ain't like a Southerone gentleman to carry on this
      way, but, but,but..I'm older than you, and the clock is going crazy
      with my body. I just saw my uncle's wife today at Wal Mart, and it
      must be that A-heimers disease, I forgot her name. Can you believe it?

      My friend, Joyce Anthony, just brought it to my attention that Susan
      what's-her-name wrote a book about how to get on your show to promote
      a book.

      I'm working on my book. Honest, I am ! I have already created
      numerous scenes. I expect to put them on paper pretty soon.

      I need to be on your show as soon as you can bump somebody from the
      lineup. Monday would be fine with me. 'Course, I can't fly to
      Chicago. Fell off one of our Carolina watermelons when I was a
      teenager.Scared of heights ever since, so you'll have to send a limo
      to pick me up.

      I told you! Old Age is just about as bad as Kudzu. Both will chase
      you down no matter how hard you run.

      I'm looking for Susan's promotion book tomorrow at the flea market. I
      need all the help I can get.

      Oh, I read that book on weight loss by you and that Bob Green fellow.
      Paid 50 cents for a nearly new copy, yep, at the flea market. You
      need to fire him.

      Well, I guess you are already booked years in advance with corny
      people, but if you want to spice up your show, have an ordinary old
      man on there to give his finances a little boost and watch your
      ratings go up.

      I know about the red Chevette thing, too. My stingy Uncle ED had a
      brown one. That must be why he became a rich old man.

      Oprah, are you still reading this far down the page ? I'm sorry I
      ran out of gas right here. Well, nothing to do but go get another
      Pepsi. I'll try to watch your show on Monday. Please tell Gayle I
      think she is a hottie.

      Have a great weekend.
      Your friend,

      Jay Hudson

      Copyright-(c)-Jay Hudson-All rights reserved.
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