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Re: I can agree to this much.

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  • C Murray
    ... If you don t have feelings about your writing then you are probably writing crap. Writing should evoke a response not only from the reader but
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 28, 2005
      --- In ticket2write@yahoogroups.com, "chad fleagle"
      <bladerunner16101@y...> wrote:
      > Even WE
      > unpublished few have feelings about their stories.

      If you don't have 'feelings' about your writing then you are probably
      writing crap. Writing should evoke a response not only from the
      reader but especially from the writer. I know a woman who is left
      emotionally drained after writing 'difficult' scenes because she puts
      herself in them so much.

      Don't make the mistake of thinking that writing critiques are
      personal. Don't make critiques personal if you are writing them

      If I say
      "This story is not very good and the characters are flat"
      That is not representative of you, it just means in this instance.
      Everyone writes crap, period! At one point in time or another
      everyone looks at the page and says "what the hell was I thinking??"
      I know I do.

      If you post your writing at a fan site or a 'just for fun' site
      that's different. No one is there to critique or make any useful
      Sites like this are to make writers better at what they do. Getting
      better rarely is the easiest route to choose. If you want easy then
      this is what you have to do.

      Write your stories.
      Read them only to yourself
      Never share them
      Eventually shred them

      That way at the end of your biscuit you can say 'I never got a bad


      That sucks.

      If you are a story teller, a talesman in front of the fire, then you
      have to tell them. These images and stories and dreams that bubble
      up must be shared. So now you have to learn to share them well. The
      story tellers of old had to practice with their voices. They had to
      create different characters and gestures to tell their tales...

      So do we.

      Work at it, stick to it, focus on it. Take every comment to head but
      not to heart. Don't worry so much about becoming the grammar god,
      just become the really good speaking god. If your speaking voice is
      accurate and good then your writing will follow suit. Learn how
      people talk and describe and explain. The technicalities of commas
      etc can be learned later. Learn your voice first.


      if you can be talked out of writing. If anythign anyone ever says or
      does makes you stop. If you can quit the pen and throw out the
      then you were never meant to be a writer.

      If you decide to quit but find the same day you are thinking about a
      new story, then give in. You got the disease boy, it aint ever going
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