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Re: [ticket2write] Osculation

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  • Michael Lee
    I like this one, Wings. nice message too :o) Michael ***Life s not a race to be won, so don t rush to the finish*** poetrypoem.com/mystiklee ... From:
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 6, 2003
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      I like this one, Wings. nice message too :o)
      ***Life's not a race to be won, so don't rush to the finish***
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      Subject: [ticket2write] Osculation


      The kiss a new mother reserves for her child
      On the young baby's body, is gentle and mild
      To her mate, the child's father, her kiss is of passion
      Like the flower of the gorse bush, 'tis always in fashion

      When a man in the Mob is found guilty of treason
      The kiss he receives is for no other reason
      Than to let him prepare, to give up his seat
      To be good and ready, his maker to meet

      Mouth watering kiss cakes of sugar and egg white
      Will tempt a man's palate while the plate's in his sight
      The kiss of the cue ball on white and on red
      In billiards may place you two points ahead

      There is one kiss however you will never forget
      The quivering lips when as lovers you met
      For the first time of labial contact you'd seek
      Your legs getting stronger and hers trembling weak

      As you grow older a kiss may be only a greeting
      Never the same as the one of first meeting
      To all you young lads when lasses you favour
      Let the first kiss be special and one she will savour

      Though you live to one hundred and gone is your prime
      On cold nights or Spring days you'll remember the time
      When her lips joined to yours and they tasted of honey
      The thrill of it still beats your fame or your money

      So be gentle young sire with the miss of our choice
      Whisper sweet nothing and don't raise your voice
      Forget carnal knowledge and nibble her ear
      And she will be yours for year upon year.

      Wings (reminiscing but still practicing)

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