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41922I live in the middle of nowhere (Poem)

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  • carol_emt87
    Jan 6, 2014

      I live in the middle of nowhere

      where the gravels tumbles into a

      minimum maintenance road


      where the sun and moon

      crawl over corn and soybeans

      Goldenrod and Queen Anne’s lace


      where coyotes sing under Orion’s belt

      where outside the kitchen window

      a young bobcat sprints through

      the deep snow crossed with the trails

      of squirrels and white tail deer


      where the nearest neighbor is

      at least a quarter of a mile away

      where every waves with one finger


      where isolation and inspiration

      hold hands on a path through

      plum and willow thickets


      where bald eagles and hawks

      stand guard over

      frozen rivers and fields

      where warblers wander in

      autumn and spring

      where the edges of the day

      paints pastels through my window


      I sit and watch from the

      middle of nowhere

      where wind and silence

      pause briefly

      to catch their breath


      Is anyone still using this site? Nothing posted for a month? Everybody okay out there?

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