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  • rede2rollbaby
    Dec 6, 2013
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      They’ll go, chuck a few more back-flips,
      and, perhaps ante up, that old G.S.T…
      Seen it all before and I’ve heard the quips…
      Mate, I’m past it, it means stuff all, to me!

      Better make a note…
      You’ll have to vote…
      Though it’s compulsory,
      it’ll mean, Sweet Fanny Adams you see!

      Just go vote, for whoever, you like more,
      don’t look out, for Credibility.
      It can only be a politician, that’s for sure,
      and that’s one damn sad reality…

      Better make a note…
      ’cause you have to vote…
      Old Son, it’s compulsory.
      but it will mean, Sweet, F.A…you’ll see!

      Makes no difference, which lot you flatter
      not, a rodent’s rectum, whom you choose…
      You’re still spinning that same old platter,
      and it’s called, ‘Another Politician, Blues’

      Now, after the vote…
      I’ll just have to gloat,
      at fools, crying in their beer,
      it’ll be the same tired song they hear!

      Makes no difference what mob you flatter,
      not, a rodent’s rectum, whom you choose…
      They’re still spinning that same old platter,
      the Old…Just, Another Politician…Blues’

      ©. Copyright: Bernard de Silva.