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41918ok so giving it a bash ....

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  • Pauline Hamilton
    Nov 20, 2013
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      While I cry

      I have been strong
      The cornerstone
      Persevering through these difficult days
      Head proudly raised in the fight

      Those about respond
      to the battle cry
      We are not defeated...
      We are facing the enemy
      With calm
      Forming our strategy
      Creating confusion

      They will not see us come
      As we move shrouded in mist
      Spectres silent across the fields
      Claiming victory
      Upturning the balance of power
      On this precipice

      We are strong
      We have come too far to accept defeat
      And will not

      But for this very moment
      I claim the right
      To be fragile
      To be held
      While I cry
      Pauline Hamilton