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41907Re: [ticket2write] Gibraltar

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  • Milton Trachtenburg
    Nov 7 1:43 PM
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      Dear Wings:

      Let me get this straight ... England and Spain are having a grand kerfuffle over a ROCK? A ROCK? Jeez, aren't there enough rocks in the world so that both of you can have as many as you want?

      Sorry, I just couldn't in good conscience resist that one!

      I hope that you are having a wonderful time of it and that you will have grand holidays this year. If you were here in the colonies, you could celebrate Thanksgiving with us. I believe the holiday got its start because of a 3 piece band called Plymouth Rocks! They gave a show and it was later reported that it was a turkey.


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      Dear Members
      To exercise my pen pushing muscles I often send articles to our UK national press
      The following is one example I contributed when the Spanish were once again demanding we give them Gibraltar with the same ridiculous ardour the Argies
      used over the Falkland Isles (and look how far that got them.) the following is my effort to prove this British lion has not lost his roar.
      Under the treaty of Utrecht 1713, Gibraltar was ceded to Britain in perpetuity.
      For those Spanish who don’t understand English that translates as PERPETUIDAD. A bond with no fixed maturity date. ETERNO to you.
      It is nearly 70 years since I last flew around the Rock and landed a Lancaster bomber on runway 27at Gibraltar but due to clerical errors I am still on the R A F class E reserve list in my 92nd year, so I’m warning you Iberian troublemakers: Put a sock in it or as General  MacArthur said in WW2, I shall return.
      As always
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