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41901Posting Messages - This Works for me!

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  • wings081
    Nov 7, 2013

      Hi all,


      No doubt, like me you have been having difficulty posting on the ticket2write message board. Well, I think I have found a way of getting through the problem.


      Try this. On the t2w Home Page, click on 'Conversations' (top left of messages), then click on 'New Topic' (a blue. purple tab towards the top right of the page).


      Now, if you find that you keep clicking on 'New Topic' and nothing happens, then you have 2 options.


      Firstly, if you are using the Internet Explorer browser, you might find it much easier to use a different one, such as 'Google Chrome'. This works really well for me, and I have found it much quicker than IE.


      Alternatively, if you want to keep using Internet Explorer,then you will need to click on the 'Compatibility View' icon, just to the right of the address bar (it looks like a piece of paper torn horizontally). Try clicking the 'New Topic' button again, and the new message box should appear.


      I hope the above helps you with posting messages. Please would you all just post something on the message board to see if we are all back in the frame.


      Thanks for your co-operation.


      As always,