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  • Wings081
    Aug 4, 2013
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      Dear Members
      Before submitting the following to various national & provincial news editors I solicit your comments and/or suggestions on the comment.
      As always

      Civil War Imminent.
      I fear this headline may soon be heading the leader column of major British Newspapers unless somebody has the courage to stand up and say, as I do now:
      "Enough is enough. No more Sharia Law. No more illegal immigrants. No more kow towing to Brussels. This is Britain. We are a Christian sovereignty. We will welcome other religious beliefs but do not expect us to change our ways and slaughter young girls because they have been raped. We will not force a young girl to marry an old man. We have always shown the utmost respect to our women and have felt honoured if they consent to be our life partners. If you disagree with our laws and time honoured customs, you are free to emigrate to another land with our blessing and may your God go with you."

      Religious and racial discrimination? My oncologist has advised me to put my affairs in order as a matter of some urgency, so sue me and see just how far you'll get in the short time remaining.
      I was born a few years after the end of WW1.and I consider myself privileged to have been chosen in the 40s as an RAF pilot like thousands other young men determined that Britain should remain British and not a Germanic enclave.
      As Henry Vth at Agincourt, we were encouraged to: 'Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood or fill the breach with our English dead."
      I cannot believe the Britain of my youth has not spawned young men and women who are unafraid to stand and declare: "Cry God for Harry(Elizabeth), England (Britain) and Saint George".
      I would never advocate a revolt as the 1381 uprising of Wat Tyler but I would like to meet my maker taking comfort from the knowledge my great grandsons will be educated in a system free from of the reins which today check the freedom of speech enjoyed by my forebears.
      I do not subscribe to the political rhetoric: "Enoch Powell was right" but I do foresee Enoch's "rivers of blood" might happen unless some man or woman has the moral fortitude to once again stand in the face of adversity and make our country the GREAT BRITAIN of pre WW2.