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  • Wings081
    Jul 22, 2013
      Hi Milton
      Thanks a bunch for that info. Seems we can't hide anywhere these days.
      I passed the details on to another ex-Oklahoma cadet on the same course as me and the following is his reply:

      Hi, I am surprised that you do not have the address of Vince,it was included on the list of known addresses that Fred Church sent out (and occasionally updated) many years ago.
      The address I have matches the one you received and in full is as follows:- Vincent A. Tennant. 1036 22nd Avenue, Vero Beach. FLORIDA. 32960. The last telephone number we
      had for him is 772 779 6720.
      Vince was a particular friend of the late Ron Knee and many years ago used to occasionally come over and stay with Ron and his wife Anne. I saw Vince at Ron's house on at least one occasion and I recall that he also joined one of our `get togethers' that Fred Church organised. But sadly we have not heard anything of Vince for several years. See what you can find out.

      I hesitate to phone or proceed further with this at the moment because due to the advancement of time, many of our crowd are waiting in line for the Grim Reaper to hone his scythe and cut us out of the circuit.
      Thanks muchly for your help
      As always
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