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41854Re: It's not always as clear as black and white (Suzianne 41852)

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  • Wings081
    Jul 18, 2013
      Dear Suzi
      Re: "Government forms"
      When I receive a government form which asks for my ethnicity, I realise I should put White British but instead I enter CORNISH and they've never queried that answer to date.

      As for colour: living by the sea in Cornwall I notice every summer season the ladies on holiday try their utmost to change their skin
      colour from white to bronze in the spectrum but invariably it turns to a shade of red. However I'm happy enough studying the female form
      As ever

      --- In ticket2write@yahoogroups.com, "Susan Donahue" <suzianne411@...> wrote:
      > Dear Wings,
      > Right now, many of us are exhausted by all things racial in this country. I try not to ever question our Creator, but sometimes I wish he had chosen one nice shade and hue for all of humanity, eliminating color as a factor for discrimination, but I know humans would just find some other ways to divide and conquor.
      > I am proud to be an American and I love and respect my fellow citizens, regardless of differences, but I feel very sad that there is an we-they attitude and a tendency to choose up sides.
      > If I had my way, all government forms would be amended to remove reference to race or color. Then, maybe we could reclaim the words, black, brown and red without fear of giving offence.
      > Suzianne
      > --- In ticket2write@yahoogroups.com, "Wings081" <wings081@> wrote:
      > >
      > > My friends of t2w
      > > I have lived in many parts of this world, living among people of differing skin pigmentation than my own and have never had cause to complain of their treatment towards me and I sincerely trust I have given no cause for them to complain of my treatment towards them.
      > > The partner of my own youngest granddaughter is from the sub continent of India and I have made him aware he is always welcome to share my table as long as he treats my darling granddaughter(on whom I dote) with respect.
      > > However, some old sayings which were quite acceptable pre WW2 are now giving reasons to bring charges of racism.
      > > The following is from a long-running soap opera in UK:
      > >
      > > In July 2013 the British Soap Opera Coronation Street featured the beginning of a storyline where character Paul Kershaw (Tony Hirst) was accused of racism by Lloyd Mullaney (Craig Charles) after using the phrase "Play the white man" during a game of darts in their local pub The Rover's Return. This sparked Paul to be accused of racism, with Lloyd's friends in the street siding with him, and both men refusing to back down due to differing interpretations of the phrase connotations.
      > > Actually during the darts match Paul aimed for double top to win.
      > > The dart landed in the double top bed but later fell out causing Lloyd to say it didn't count. Now we might say: "Come on be fair, it did land in the double top" but Lloyd disagreed, which is when Paul retorted "Play the white man"
      > >
      > > "Playing the White man" has always been construed as: Doing the decent thing; playing a straight bat. In fact giving no motive for others to challenge your actions.
      > > What, my friends is happening to this planet of ours, where the colour of a person's skin separates a society all of who are blessed with a brain, a heart and a body which places us on the highest
      > > rung of the animal ladder.
      > >
      > > I solicit your sagacious comments.
      > >
      > > As always
      > > Wings
      > >
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