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41174RE: [ticket2write] A writer is.

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  • Jay Doggett
    Jun 1, 2012
       Nicely done!
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      A writer is…

      A writer must be well versed,(no pun intended), in the principal
      forms of art and expression…

      He, or she, must, in addition to being a competent wordsmith, be
      that artist who can present, without either brush or palette, any
      portrait or image desired, rich in detail, perspective and colour
      without the benefit of canvas, paint, or crayon. The writer, is
      the illusionist, who is able to create both magic and deception to
      seduce the senses, while also being a sculptor who with the tiniest
      variation completely alters appearance and expression. The scribe
      is the composer who crafts melody and rhythm, the lyrical maestro
      who provides the minstrel with his song. He, or she, is the mason
      who etches Life's tablet today, with that which is tomorrow's history…

      The writer must be the orator, who expounds not only the topical,
      but the historic and futuristic theories, happenings and visions
      in the correct language for region, race, and era, using words the
      audience can readily understand. All statements, no matter how
      fanciful, must yet retain, some possibility or plausibility, of truth…
      Even the most captive audience, must be enticed to listen.

      The writer must also be the patient listener, the scrutineer who
      misses not even the tiniest detail to be considered, expanded or
      relayed…He must be both inquisitor and counsel…the voice of
      either indictment, or defense…

      Writers must be those trades-persons, mindful of precision and
      perhaps sadly, "correctness", as taken in its more modern and
      less literal context, who are forever at ease with words, their
      chosen tools of trade. Vocabulary, houses a variety of these
      instruments, tailored to requirement, and it seems the true
      crafts-person never believes the chest houses enough essential

      Essentially, however, the writer, is just that…a person, who writes…

      ©. Bernard de Silva. 2011.

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