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  • Wings081
    Jun 1, 2012
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      Hi Bernie,

      Right on the button, as is your wont.
      Re. "The writer is the illusionist":
      We may also liken the writer to a deity because at the sweep of their pen the writer can give birth to a new character; kill off the villain or the hero at will. Rape and pillage; drown or rescue from the waves as their mind desires.
      Basically the writer is a Walter Mitty who will challenge the World fearlessly and win against all odds.
      The dexterous writer can change our world for the better.
      In our history books we read what our educators need us to absorb, regardless of the accuracy of detail.
      In days of yore our lives were governed by our religion. Words spoken from the pulpit were virtually laws to be obeyed on pain of death. Maybe in some sentiments of faith, those devout edicts remain, posing danger to non-believers of a particular piety.
      The soap box orator is outdated. He relies on the writer to compose a stirring speech. He has the `gift of the gab' but without the writer he is a fish out of water, struggling for the correct phraseology.
      Television, the radio, the headlines of the daily papers, all try to shape our destinies but it is the writers who are behind those headlines, who endeavour to fashion our thoughts to comply with the editor or programme producer.
      Forget rioting for that sets decent living people against those rioters.
      Look to the future and instil in our progeny the futility of physical conflict when communication can establish world peace.

      In the face of criticism I would say:
      Yes, in spite of my religious principles, I most certainly would take up arms against an aggressor of my country or the countries of my friends because I am a product of the old brigade with the motto: N.I.M.B.Y. Even though I know too well there are no winners in war, only those who are right and those who are left.
      Bernie my friend, I fear I've spouted long enough on this issue but I thank you for reminding me that the `Pen is mightier than the sword'.
      May your ink well never run dry.
      As always

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