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  • Amy Thompson
    Dec 31, 2009
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      By Amy Thompson.

      Ring out the old, ring in the new;
      Ring in the goodness and the true.
      May there be peace, may there be art,
      May joy embrace each human heart.

      Ring in for us a wondrous age
      Where we can turn another page.
      An age of culture and of arts,
      May it ignite our souls and hearts.

      Ring in the love we have for friends,
      And may our friendships never end.
      May distant bells bring poetry
      That raises us to ecstasy.

      Let's keep creative arts alive;
      Let's work together, let us strive.
      Ring in a glorious renaissance
      Of music, literature, dance.

      Ring in the new, recall the old,
      Remember stories that were told.
      Words craft our noble history
      In this new shining century.

      -The End-
      © Amy Thompson. Dec 31th 2009