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36990Chapter Two: Corruption War and Betrayal

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  • jessica olson
    Jun 30, 2008
      This is the beginning to the part i've given before. It stops right when the other part would start.

      War is deceptive; like the darkness it serves war entraps people, letting them believe their in control when really it’s the other way around. It uses people to kill one another and so many people of the Infinite Realms are only to glad to comply. What do they see in war and death that is so appealing? Why do they crave this nightmare? I don’t understand. I am in the middle of a war that can’t be escaped. Every day I am forced to witness death all around me. Comrades have fallen, loved ones perished and every day a little more of my people is destroyed. Why do people want this? Why do they seek it? I’ll never understand. It feels like a lifetime ago when all I say was good in the world; when there was no darkness to dampen the spirit of the warrior. That is all gone now, washed away in a river of blood.How many days I wonder, will I be forced to dwell in this cold darkness, drenched in the blood of my people? How many days will I be forced to watch my people die for a land who dwells in darkness? How long will I be forced to carry the knowledge I hold? When will I be free?

      The Council of Nations has betrayed us. Three times I’ve gone for help and been denied. Full of hatred and greed they have doomed us all. Aquaria has been surrounded by darkness so no one can leave or enter; they cannot help us. The Elves and Dwarves have disappeared from our land. We sent people to the tunnels of the Dwarves and the forests of the Elves to find them gone, no trace to where they have gone.

      You may wonder about the Dragon Riders; why they’re not beside us. That’s an easy question, they had no choice. Marshes, leader of the Dragon Rider Council and mother’s best friend, can’t lose the lives of her Riders. Foreseeing our doom, she recalled the Riders, apologizing for the abandonment. The few Riders who refused to leave our side and dying with us, day by day.

      Usually we wouldn’t be beaten so easily, but this is no ordinary foe we are fighting. Unlike previous occasions when we have fought only a portion of the army, we are against it all. The entire army, consisting of uncountable number of dark of beings has been sent to destroy us. We are alone against the largest army in history; in other words we hadn’t a chance from the beginning. Our Navy has fallen, defeated by a large naval force, and now the enemy sweeps across the land, killing every man, woman and child. Our supplies are few so we can’t outlast our enemy and even if we did, the other army would strike us from behind.

      We have already lost the battle, but some how my warriors still have hope. Even if they know we are all going to die, they still hope we can be saved. It is so hard, I admit, to watch them die by evil hands, with their hearts still filled with hope and love. In their minds, if they die then at least they lessened the number of those who will attack the next group.

      We lost another barrier today. Those walls of tinted blue magic are all but gone. When the last one falls, so will my nation. I know we are supposed to forgive, but how can I forgive those who’ve betrayed not only me, but my people? How can I forgive them, when they sit back and watch as we all die? How can I forgive those blinded by hatred and greed? How can I forgive them, if it is even possible? Mother says I shouldn’t be angry with them for their hearts have been blinded, that they have become prisoners to their own greed and hatred. I don’t understand though, not even when she explains it. Why shouldn’t I be angry? Then again these emotions are new to me, perhaps I don’t understand her words because I still do not completely understand these negative emotions, because I still do not comprehend what they truly are. Either way I’m not sure I can forgive them.

      A medical section was lost today, and all the people were slaughtered before we could save them. I am forever haunted by the faces, along with so many others who’ve died needlessly. I see their faces so often that I can’t sleep anymore. Most Nights I just wander around the camp and take extra guard duty to relive the few who are robbed of their sleep. I’m doing everything I can to help them, but it isn’t enough. We’re running out of supplies and the soldiers are only getting an hour of sleep if that. It is so hard to watch them wither away into nothing.

      It is my duty to protect them! I can’t explain the pain I feel at being able to do nothing to help them. It doesn’t help either that I’m the cause of all this. I choose to mobilize the army against the Manoins. If I could have just found another way then perhaps…

      Irresto never met me in the army. When he went to Aquaria the darkness killed him; he barely got to us to give us the news of the Boneless. He died because of me, like so many others have died because I led them into this battle.

       I write these words in hope that they will be my last. I know I’m supposed to live on and save the world as the Chosen Child of Light but I can’t do it without them. I’m sorry but the light will have to choose someone else, someone more fit then me. All I want to do now is die along with my comrades, friends and family. I just want to fade away from this dark world and into the embrace of the eternal peace that awaits in death.

      Aquaria, Dragon Riders, Elves and Dwarves, you all are free from blame. The rest of Narsayes, to you the blame and cause fall, the Great Betrayers. To you I hope you’ll spend the rest of your days in misery. As your world crumbles under the might of darkness, remember us, and what you have done.

      I now say farewell, for good I hope, to you. If, for some cruel reason, I’m forced to live on, then my dreadful story will continue.

      People of light, forgive me.

                                   Antonia Van’Dragon

                                 Athean Lord General

      The sound of hooves hitting the soft ground broke the devastating silence. In the distance, a cloud of dust in its wake, a horse galloped toward the dark camp, following the will of its rider.  Spirits of the fallen surrounded the rider, calling to her, giving her their memories to live on. The Rider let the stories of the present stray to the back of her mind to be kept safe, being to busy concentrating      on the past.

      Her golden hair flowed out behind her, blue-purple eyes glazed over with remembrance.Why don’t you rescue them? The strange voice had asked.If you save them, then nobody will be lost. It hadn’t been that simple though. She couldn’t just rush off and infiltrate the enemy camp. There were rules and protocols that she had to follow, especially since she was the general. A rescue mission would be impossible, her mind had said. Besides, how did she know she could trust the voice, for all she knew it could be a Manoin, invading her mind.

      Think about all those who would suffer if you do nothing. Think of the pain the Manoins will inflict upon them. The voice persisted.You should save them.

      Would I really be saving them though? She asked herself.They will just die later on. She knew the answer though, she’d known it since that dreadful letter had arrived, informing her that her parents, along with other Atheans had been taken prisoner by the Manoins. They deserved to choose how they’d die. They didn’t disserve to be tortured to death, they disserved better.

      Without a second thought, she’d saddled her black horse Midnight and rushed into the night, ignoring the frantic cries, of her second in command, to reconsider. She knew what she had to do; she needed to give them a choice. What they did after that though, would be totally up to them.

      So she pushed into the darkness, galloping deeper into the fields, shedding tears for the fallen land. Once this field had been full of life, lush and green, but the Manoins had seen an end to that. The fields were now dead and soaked in the blood of both sides, slowly dying with the Atheans.

      A soft breeze gently touched Antonia’s skin as she looked ahead, all five senses on high alert. The Manoin camp would have sentries posted to warn if anyone attacked during the night. Antonia knew that if she was to have a chance to enter and leave the camp, without setting off the alarm, she would need to slip by the sentries unnoticed, as well as to find out where they were posted so she could get her people out safely.

      Nearing the camp she dismounted and continued on foot.

      The first sentry casually leaning against a tree, closed his eyes as he cross his arms making it easy for Antonia to slip by unnoticed. She focused her mind as she slipped by another sentry, concentrating on the task before her. She would need to get around the camp without being spotted, a difficult task in such a large army.

      Another sentry missed the silent foot falls of Antonia as she crept into the camp.

      Antonia almost stopped dead at the sight before her.  An endless sea of tents, with the smell of rotting flesh and fear. Fires stood everywhere giving a faint, dark glow about the camp. As she moved forward  she looked for the prisoners tents. She kept walking until she found a group of tents.