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31157Re: Halloween 2006 AD.(31139 aggodchap)

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  • agoodchap
    Nov 1 2:00 AM
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      ---That's OK Wings, you probably got confused by the fact I'm Welsh
      but I don't have a Welsh name, and Gwen isn't Welsh but 'is' a Welsh
      name. On the subject of mead and fertility, I'm way too old to be at
      risk there, in fact my eldest grandson Damien* aged 17 would be
      shocked to the core, I think.

      *His dad named him, the idea of his name was nothing to do with our
      family and he's a good kid honest! lol


      In ticket2write@yahoogroups.com, "wings081" <wings081@...> wrote:
      > Dear Alison
      > I owe both you and Gwen (Queen of cryptic cypher) apologies for
      > getting your names mixed in my post Halloween 2006.
      > Caerphilly and Chicago both have the initial letter 'C' but that's
      > excuse and I'm sorry Alison.If you read this Gwen you may feel
      > honoured to be included among we celts,or you may find it a trifle
      > daunting tonight to know your name has been mentioned in connection
      > with the spirit world.
      > Alison, I can identify with your tribe meeting at funerals.It's
      > there or weddings for me where I met with old friends I thought were
      > long since gone.
      > The best connecting link with relatives and friends is the yearly
      > Chrismas card exchange.
      > At your Samhain tonight,go easy on the mead. When my wife and I had
      > guest houses we would give that drink to honeywmoon couples and when
      > they returned the following year they usually had a 3 month old baby
      > with them. The real mead,if it's anything like we brew in Cornwall,
      > a pretty potent libation.
      > Tax laws in those days favoured couples marrying in October and we
      > many staying with us for Halloween.I don't remember if any named
      > first born Damien.
      > Have a great night Alison
      > As always
      > Wings
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