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  • Johnny
    Jul 31, 2006

      The modern trend is to write free verse poetry but I suspect that is merely because writing rhyming poetry is more difficult. It is my belief that ALL poetry should have rhythm (not necessarily “rhyme” and symmetry. It should flow nicely when read aloud.

      Much “free verse” poetry I have read recently is merely sentences or paragraphs broken up into irregular lines.



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      Dear Marge...I know, I know...I hate greeting card verse, too.
      However, English literature is full of excellent poems that rhyme
      without sounding horrible to the ear. The Greeks and Romans did not
      use rhyme, or at least not often, and the Anglo-Saxons didn't
      either. But, just as alliteration is there for our use, so is
      rhyme. The trick is to avoid Moon/June and Midnight/Starlight,
      etc. Sneak it in and see what happens. You only need to employ
      rhyme in the final couplet, not in the whole poem. I know you can
      do it!


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      > Rhyme? arghh!
      > Susan Donahue <suzianne411@ ...>
      wrote: Your poetry challenge for
      the first week in August is to compose a
      > short poem, of twelve or fewer lines, ending in a rhymed couplet
      > that contains one or more proper names. A quick glance at the
      > morning paper will reveal any number of names that have poetic
      > possibilities, but you can select the name you wish to use from
      > source.
      > The focus of this exercise is to incorporate rhyme with a subtle
      > touch. Very little poetry is currently being written with
      > traditional rhyming patterns, but rhyme is a valid and useful
      > technique if used well. Even if you are a master of blank verse,
      > is good to experiment with rhyme occasionally just to sharpen
      > skills.
      > Stephen Fry states in "The Ode Less Travelled" that, "If
      there is
      > rule to rhyming, I suppose it is that (save in comic verse or for
      > some other desired effect) it should be – if not invisible –
      > natural, transparent, seamless, discreet and unforced. The
      > should not feel that a word has been chosen simply because if
      > rhymes."
      > With this in mind, go forth and amaze us! Post your verse here
      > ticket2write before August 5th.
      > http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/ticket2wri te
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