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25398Re: The moral of the story. (Wings)

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  • Carol
    Dec 2, 2005
      Dear Wings,
      Great story as always. This gal reminds me of my grandmother who
      passed away two years ago at the age of 97. Grand lady who
      faithfully, goos year or bad, rooted for the Detroit Tigers and
      always had a bottle of whiskey in her cupboard for, as she
      said, "medicinal purposes." She rode to Sturgis (huge motorcycle
      rally in South Dakota) in her seventies on the back my cousin's
      Harley and would have gone skydiving on her eightieth birthday, but
      her cardiologist talked her out of it. Nothing kept
      her down until she had a stroke at 92 and lost the use of one arm and
      one leg. Thanks for reviving some nice memories for me.

      --- In ticket2write@yahoogroups.com, wings081 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > The moral of the story
      > "Stand up Tommy" the teacher said "a story you must tell,
      > Make it sound exciting and with a moral end as well"
      > Now Tommy had an auntie, Lizzie Watkins was her name
      > He'd tell the tale of exploits, which gave aunt Lizzie fame
      > "I have an aunt" said Tommy " who was fighting in the war"
      > The teacher said "Oh really" the kids, in unison said "Cor!"
      > "Her plane was hit by missiles and out she had to bail
      > but Liz was always ready, her courage would not fail
      > She took a bottle of whiskey, machine gun and sabre too
      > Drank the whiskey as she fell, well what better thing to do
      > She knew that if she dropped it as she landed on the grass
      > The bottle would be broken, leaving her with nought but glass
      > She landed smack in the middle, of one hundred enemy troops
      > Killed seventy by machine gun, as the leader shouted "Oops!"
      > Her bullets spent she used her sabre and chopped down twenty more
      > And when the blade broke, with her bare hands, finished half a
      > score.
      > "Good heavens" said the teacher "that is quite some story
      > Now tell us where the moral is, if indeed it's not too gory"
      > "To understand the moral Miss, you need not be Aristotle
      > just keep clear of Auntie Liz, when she's been at the bottle"
      > As always
      > Wings
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