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21485Resurrection in the Key of E

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  • Carol Carpenter
    Dec 31, 2004
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      Resurrection in the Key of E


      A gift unequaled, a Gibson guitar

      on my twelfth birthday

      beautiful gloss, tuned and taut

      golden figure, lustrous as glass, sensuous

      curves like Marilyn Monroe

      snug against my lap

      resonance vibrato, a lover�s embrace

      strumming harmonic rapture, my best friend

      childhood conqueror, flushing out the dark corners,

      warming cold hearts, and campfire songs.


      My oldest child, a large footed boy, accidentally

      knocked you over, fracturing your neck, stealing

      the music locked beneath frets, entangled

      strings, mangled mahogany, heartache for my

      lost friend, sweet broken rosewood that

      showed me how to dream.


      But all is not lost, a hero arises

      splint up the carcass, bandage the neck

      carefully extricate my precious instrument

      to guitar man Vince, an ex-EMT,

      in backboard and collar, I relinquished my friend

      his kind face laughed at the sight

      of a guitar splinted like an car wreck victim

      ready for Life Flight, and he said he would try to

      repair the fracture with glue.


      Trusting, I left and two days passed by

      a call to my house, my friend will survive

      glued and braced, one mahogany chip missing

      I sit here tonight with my friend

      nestled snug across my lap,

      my alto voice shaky, grateful

      tears cascade down my cheeks

      and I sing old folk songs alone

      to the soft, starry night.


      Carol J. Carpenter

      I must thank Jerry for the encouragement to write this piece. Look on my profiles page for a picture of my splinted guitar, which is now repaired and back home with me.



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