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20723Re: Awesome melioration (Danny 20689)

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  • wings081
    Dec 1, 2004
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      Hi Danny
      Never worry about offending me. The term 'Water off a duck's back'
      springs to mind.
      Regarding parent/child rivalry: There is a saying in UK that
      whatever America does today, we will do ten years later. So who is
      the child and who the parent.
      We are a nation of inventors who have to cross the ocean to see our
      ideas come to fruition.

      As always

      --- In ticket2write@yahoogroups.com, "Danny Wall" <dannyw@w...>
      > > I am happy when people use my posts to air their own views, for
      > > although you may consider some of my remarks are not what a
      > > writing group is about, you must admit it triggers replies and
      > > members to the keyboard.
      > And there you are correct. And please let me "revise and extend
      my remarks"
      > here a bit as well. Please don't think I was jumping all over you
      for the
      > sake of throwing flames. Also, while there may be a bit
      of "sibling
      > rivalry" between our countries (or parent/child rivalry
      anyway) ... please
      > understand that out of all the EU countries, it is you folks in
      Britain who
      > are the most friendly to the US and our ... shall we say ... less
      > sophisticated ... ways.
      > I hope my earlier remarks did not offend, and if they did, let me
      say now
      > that I'm sorry about that.
      > -Danny
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