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School of Tibetan Chö

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    The School of Tibetan Healing Chö —Module 1: Entering the Mandala— San Francisco: June 28-29 www.tibetancho.com The Opening
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2008
      The School of Tibetan Healing Chö
      —Module 1: Entering the Mandala—

      San Francisco: June 28-29

      The Opening of the Sky Door of chöd;
          A hundred Powas cannot match it.
      The accumulations of merit and wisdom of the Kusali tsok;
          A hundred accumulations do not compare.
      The practice of Red and White Feasts;
         A hundred sacred banquets are not its equal.
      Carrying away mountains of flesh and blood;
         A hundred levels and stages are no match.
      Staying in retreat in a haunted power spot;
          A hundred meditations cannot compare.
      With the gods and demons of existence as patron;
          A hundred other supporters are no match.
      A view that is inherently pure and free from dualism;
          A hundred sacred dharmas are no equal.
      The holy dharma of the field of cutting through demons;
          A hundred sacred instructions do not compare.
      —MaChik Labdrön

      The Tibetan Practice of Chö is a brilliant and powerful method of cutting through obstacles—material, emotional and spiritual. Relying on Feminine Wisdom energy, the body itself becomes the basis for an offering to all beings in the universe. And through repaying karmic debts from this and previous lives, transformation can occur on all levels. As a personal path of practice, it progressively clarifies and frees one's body, mind and spirit. It can be used as an effective tool for healing others and for quelling environmental disruption. This is the ultimate practice of the compassionate spiritual warrior, and one of the most unique and valuable methods for confronting the extraordinary problems we face today, individually and collectively.

      The School of Tibetan Healing Chö offers a comprehensive training in the tradition of chöd, including all aspects of theory and practice, under the tutelage of Tsewong Sitar Rinpoche, Lama Jinpa and Lama Pema Tenzin. Please visit our website for details: www.tibetancho.com

      DATE:    SATURDAY & SUNDAY, JUNE 28 & 29. Plus optional Monday, "Chöd in the Wild."
      LOCATION:   Dakini Temple, Richmond, CA (just north of Berkeley)
      COURSE FEE:  2-day seminar: $275.  Optional third day $50.
      CONTACT:   Lama Jinpa:  310 403 8791   lamajinpa@...  or drolma@...
       Please contact us as PRE-REGISTRATION  and admission are required.

      Yours in Dharma,
      Lama Jinpa
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