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Kunsang Dechen Lingpa Rinpoche/ Green Mountain Dharma Festival

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    Kunsang Dechen Lingpa August 19-29, 2004 Vermont Festival Schedule *** Green Mountain Dharma Festival Burnham Hall,Lincoln, VT August 19th-25th 8/19-20 - -
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      Kunsang Dechen Lingpa

      August 19-29, 2004

      Vermont Festival Schedule


      Green Mountain Dharma Festival

      Burnham Hall,Lincoln, VT

      August 19th-25th

      8/19-20 - - Dakini Teachings: Kurukulle

      19th: - Kurukulle Empowerment (9-12 pm & 3-5 pm )

      20th: - Kurukulle Practice Instructio ns (10-12 pm & 3-5 pm)

      Sug. Don. for Kurukulle (both days) - $140

      8/21-22 - Tregchod Dzogchen from Lama Yangtig & Nyingtig Yabshi Pewang
      (10-12 pm, 3-5 pm both days)

      Sug. Don. for Lama YangtigTrekhod/Nyingtig Pewang (both days) - $160

      8/23rd - Kurukulle &Trekchod Practice Sessions (10-12 pm & 3-5 pm)

      8/24th - Five Buddha Family Garuda Empowerment & Practice Instructions
      (10-12 pm & 3-5 pm)

      Sug. Don. for Garuda Pewang/Practice Instructions - $60

      8/25th - Guru Rinpoche Day - Extensive Dorje Drollo Empowerment & Tsog (9 am
      12 pm, 3 pm - 6 pm)

      Sug. Don. for Dorje Drollo Empowerment/Tsog - $60

      For those attenting entire retreat (8/19-25) Sug. Don. of $320

      Partial scholarships and work study available. No one turned away for
      financial reasons.

      Please make arrangements for scholarships and work study in advance if

      The 2nd Green Mountain Dharma Festival is sponsored by the

      Drikung Dzogchen Community Vermont (DDCV).


      Tibetan Healing Festival

      Contois Auditorium,

      City Hall, Church Street

      Burlington, VT

      August 26th, 28-29th

      8/26 - 7-9 pm -Public Talk - Compassion and World Peace

      Sug. Don. of $10 at door. Open to the general public.

      8/28-29 - Chod: MusicalHealing (10-12 pm and 3-5 pm both days)

      Sug. Don. of $100 for both days. $60 for students and senior citizens.

      The Tibetan Healing Festival events are open to the general public .Kunsang
      Dechen Lingpa's Healing Chod is famous for its healing power.

      Participants should bring a mat or blanket to lie down on while Kunsang
      Dechen Lingpa ,with his monks and nuns, perform a series of four healing
      rituals over two days.

      Relax while the drumming, beautiful melodies and music ,bring healing to
      thebody and mind, and peace to the greater world.

      Proceeds from this event will help complete the construction of Zangdokpalri
      Monastary which will help preserve Tibets Sacred Traditions for
      generations to come.

      The Tibetan Healing Festival is sponsored by Burlington City A rts and the

      Green Mountain Rime Society .


      The Teacher

      Kunsang Dechen Lingpa is a Terton, or visionary discoverer of Dharma
      treasures. His teachings come direct from Padmasambhava, the 8th century
      tantic master

      who subdued Tibets demonic forces and established the practice of Buddhism.
      Kunsang Dechen Lingpa's potent teachings and practices, are fresh for the
      problems and challenges of these times.

      With wisdom is as vast as the space, and compassion as boundless as the sky,
      Kunsang Dechen Lingpa is one of Tibets greatest living teachers.

      Like a star seen in the day time sky, this is a rare opportunity not to be



      To register or for further information:

      greenmountainrime@... or call 802-453-3431

      More information will be available at www.ddcv.com

      Work study and partial scholarships are available, but please contact us in

      No one with sincere interest will be turned away for finacial reasons.


      Retreat Housing

      Inexpensive Community Housing ($15 per night) and Camping ($7 per night/$10
      for couples) is available.

      For Camping contact Martha at 802-453-3687 or by email at maplehil@...

      For community housing please email greenmountainrime@... or call

      Other housing options such as B & B's can be found at www.ddcv.com


      May these teachings bring benefit and healing to all sentient beings.

      Find it on the web with MSN Search. http://search.msn.com.sg/
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