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  • Steven Levey
    Really-10 years. I ve retired as of June last year and have a small Meditation/Vajrayana group in Vero Beach fl. Still reading and rereading Geshe Lam Rim s A
    Message 1 of 63 , Jun 23, 2013
      Really-10 years. I've retired as of June last year and have a small Meditation/Vajrayana group in Vero Beach fl. Still reading and rereading Geshe Lam Rim's "A Necklace of Good Fortune". 

      From: Sherab Gyatso <sherabgyatso@...>
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      I think about 10 years ago I was saying that Steven Levy is the best addition to this group.
      As amazing as it is, all this time later we are still here.

      --- In tibetanbuddhistgroup@yahoogroups.com, Steven Levey <sallev1@...> wrote:
      > Hello
      >       Re: healing at a distance (perhaps a form of tong lin?), levitation and other powers known to be called "lower Iddhis" or lessor powers (really attachments). It was perhaps your sense of impatience and indigence that most got my attention, as your previous response displays; it was not said by your correspondent that he didn't know anything about the subject, rather he said "I do not believe those things are possible".
      > Of course, these powers are not possible to exersize as you would have them. This is because those whose powers on subtle planes are in fact present, are fully aware of the karmic error of attempting to do that, which is metaphysically foolish and more importantly, lawfully unethical. The 2nd Noble Truth was not given to impede "the Great and Peaceful ones who enliven the earth like the coming of the Spring", in their quest of bringing equilibrium where it is not. This Noble Truth is to alert those who suffer (from all issues) that the way to healing and equilibrium (karmalessness) is through the admission that their state of affairs has been caused by themselves (the inclusion of selflessness). No, this does not preclude those who could assist, from assisting. It is, however, to empower the ignored connection between the "outer man" and his/her parent-their Buddha nature; the highest exemplification of "dana", per the Buddha in The Diamond Sutra. The
      > beginning of this Path teaches, initially the baselessness of being saved by anyone outside of yourself (vicarious attonement), and (by deduction) shows levitation, and other misuses of the lower man, as merely an addiction to effects-the manifestation of ignorance and the creation of a subtler, more difficult to eradicate, sense of egotism. 
      >       Please think this through.
      > Nameste"
      > ________________________________
      > From: Sherab Gyatso <sherabgyatso@...>
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      > So, as a starting point you reveal to us that you do not know anything about the subject.
      > Next you tell us that you will look into it.
      > I can share with you that it takes YEARS to evaluate these things. In some cases lifetimes.
      > If you were about to run a google search though, then that is just a ridiculous answer altogether.
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      > >
      > > I do not believe those things are possible; but I will investigate the type of meditation you cite and get back to you.
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      > > namo namo to all my brothers and sisters,
      > > my name is rajkiran and i am from india mumbai.i am buddhist by religion and a lawyer by profession.besides this i am an astrologer and have been conducting research on kundalini meditation.i have heared that tibetian buddhism knows some techniques by which one can attain supernatural abilities like remote healing,levitation,remote viewing and speaking,etc.can anyone help me in this regard? i want to connect our monestries to tibetian monestries so that all the divine knowledge could be shared between to buddhisms.
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    • sallev1
      Well said Sent from Windows Mail From: dorjeshonnu Sent: ‎Wednesday‎, ‎July‎ ‎3‎, ‎2013 ‎9‎:‎08‎ ‎AM To:
      Message 63 of 63 , Jul 3, 2013
        Well said
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        "rajkiran_ingle" <rajkiran_ingle@...> wrote:

        > he directed the path of buddhism by comparing the knowledge of all
        > religions.

        it seems this man had some personal ideas, and some categories with which he judged religion in general. buddhism best suited his social interests, out of a handful of broadly conceived religious systems, and only after he used the machete of his personal ideas to cut the buddha dharma into pieces most convenient to him.

        one can find comparisons of view which are more legitimate, thorough, and substantive, especially in the lineages from padmasambhava. perhaps they should not be reproduced here in full, from the chalpas to the nine yanas, but some person may know of a publicly available text that you could consult. or perhaps some details can appear here if some interest is displayed.

        > and you question about meditation which is just like a question that
        > does your parents do the same thing as you are doing. that, they
        > left this on people and people study buddhism and practise
        > meditation.

        if one is not trying to wake up, why use this word budh in any way? social reform can be beneficial, but one cannot confuse dana with prajna and so on. so a question about method is precisely this: what was this person doing to wake up.

        gautama taught that right view is particularly important. regardless of whether you or your parents are performing actions to wake up, there will be a view involved with those actions, which informs the purpose, causes and effects, of that activity. if there is no activity related to wakefulness, there is no soteriology in praxis, and what you have is no longer a religion but merely a social movement.

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