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Fw: Hello, chào sư cô Hạnh Trì

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  • Hanh Tri` Thich Nu
    To Lama Rigzing You sent us email, requested us to donate US$3,500 for your books publishing. It is legitimated to ask for address, name of person in charge
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2009
      To Lama Rigzing

      You sent us email, requested us to donate US$3,500 for your books publishing.

      It is legitimated to ask for address, name of person in charge and telephone no.


      We asked only for an address and a person responsible to accept the contribution. 
      However, in your first response you did not include an address, which led to our second request. 
      Your response to our second request  gave a different phone number,
      and also complained and accused us. 
      Because of your second response, we have decided to reconsider about contribution.
      We will not visit your monastery.


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      From: Henry Phan <huujohn@...>
      To: Hanh Tri` Thich Nu <thichnuhanhtribodhgaya@...>
      Sent: Monday, June 29, 2009 3:02:34 PM
      Subject: Hello, chào sư cô Hạnh Trì

      Nam Mô A Di Đà Phật

      Hello, how are you?

      Here is a Nepal monastery which you should come to visit.

      Best Regards,

      Henry Phan
      Santa's SleighMush

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      From: "rigzinglama@..." <rigzinglama@...>
      To: Henry Phan <huujohn@...>
      Sent: Sunday, June 28, 2009 10:34:29 PM
      Subject: Re: hello!

      hello henry,
                      how are you? it is good to investigate but it is not good to get doubt on our monastery. i have given you enough information, i guess you are not convience by it. if you work on a doubt then i think it would not be successfull. we are not forcing you to support us in anycase but to agree the project of Mr. leksok we have abide in certain rules  to publish those texts and distribute it freely to all the desire one. this work is hard but we are undertaking it becuase we Bhudhist think, to work for the happiness of other we may get lots of virtues.
                     you can send your person to our monastery for a visit but the doubt and misconception which comes from our work in your mind will remain in our heart which i think is very destructive.
                     we will welcome your person but after his visit will that be enough for you to investigate? or there shall be again test to be performed. i can understand your problem also but we have so many works to perform at same time and i don't think we will have a long time spent with your person.
                     although this project is hard to carry yet we are trying to do but if you don't belief on us then there is no nothing to do. you can cancel your support.
      i am again giving you our monastery name and phone number..
      1.monastery name is =dhujom monastery 
      2.head person's name is = lama norbu
      3.monastery phone number is = 9803860524 this is kelsang lama's cell no you can contact him and he will show your person to visit our monastery.
      thank you for your time and support
      lama rigzing

      --- On Sat, 6/27/09, Henry Phan <huujohn@...> wrote:

      From: Henry Phan <huujohn@...>
      Subject: More info for your monastery
      To: "Rigzin Tenzin" <rigzinglama@...>, "Hanh Tri` Thich Nu" <thichnuhanhtribodhgaya@...>
      Date: Saturday, June 27, 2009, 7:03 PM

      Hello Lama Rigzing,
      How are you?
      Thank you for your info.
      We will have one person to visit your monastery in Nepal in the next few days. 
      Please give us some info:
      1) The name of your monastery
      2) The head person and phone in this monastery.
      Thank you for your cooperation.
      Best Regards,
      Henry Phan
      Santa's SleighMush

      From: Rigzin Tenzin <rigzinglama@...>
      To: Henry Phan <huujohn@...>
      Sent: Thursday, June 25, 2009 6:30:13 AM
      Subject: Re:thank you for your acceptance..

      hello Mr. henry,
                             i am very much glad to recieve your acceptance mail. i am happy to tell you about our monastery programs. as i have written you about the monastery earlier. i don't want to repeat this again.
      1. let me write you about our monastery activites as per your question.. we have classes everyday in many aspect  like philosophy, logic, languages, science, english, maths and many more.this is only the activities of classes which comes under the category of school.
      now let me tell you about the monastery rituals activities:- we hold congregation every morning and evening and very grand congregation during auspicious day like 8th, 10th, 15th, 25, and 30 of each month. recently during the pari nirvana month of Guatam Budha, we hold a gracious long congragation in monastery as well as at the stupa outside our monastery  which is the famous holy place of nepal.
      we also holds some retreat amongs the senior monks every year. due to the shortage of financial, we can't able to perform a wider benefaction to the fellow beings. we all will be grateful if u support us with your help.
      you can contact us to the folowing members.
      2. kelsang:-  he is treasurer of this monastery  and he is the incharge of this project. his phone no:- 9779803860524
      3. country's name is Nepal and person name is kelsang.
      thank you very much for your pure support. we will utilize your support in a right way. may all the suffering be vanish from this world by our project. 
      thank you very much to you
      lama rigzing            

      To all relevant parties.

       Hello, how are you?

      Due to the hardship of economy, we'll have to look for fund. Prior to proceeding this project, we'd like to ask you a several questions:

      1) Tell more about your school programs.

      2) Give persons' names, phones related to this project so I'll directly contact.

      3) Give a country's name and person's name to receive this fund.

      Wish you have a great compassion, enlightenment, courage and success.

      Best Regards,

      Henry Phan

      Santa's SleighMush

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