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  • Do I Even Know?
    Jan 2, 2008
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      I don't think I ever asked a human what my spiritual name was. Had
      a teacher, of another path, that kind of pushed one at me. I didn't
      ask. And infact I missed one meeting where I was going to be
      presented with this name. All I kept thinking was, "I don't need
      another name." Didn't know untill the next month that I was getting
      a new name.
      It adds something to understanding what that other person sees in
      you. Didn't really seem needed to me.

      I was given a "dharma name" when I took refuge for the first
      time. A previously written down name handed to me by the lama as
      the line filed past for his blessing. I don't know yet what to
      think of being called a vajra victory banner. So I'm some kind of
      prayer flag? I hate the wind, how does that help?

      I did go on a pilgrimage, which started with the question of
      what name God calls me. (Christian based beginnings.) And the word
      I got, very clearly is not so much a name as a description of
      activity. And it gets used in other places quite often in the same
      context. Conduit. Originally a secrect passage thru a castle.

      So, what is the thing with names anyhow. It is something to


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      > Hello
      > someone asked my Dzogchen master for a 'spiritual name'
      > He answered:
      > ''What is your birth name?''
      > asnwer: Paul ....
      > The Master: ''well Paul is your Dharma name then''
      > So Paul understood his entire
      > exhistence was to be integrated in Dharma......
      > Federica
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      > Subject: [TBG] Spiritual Names
      > I'm curious how people have come by their spiritual names? What
      methods did you use to choose it? Or was it given to you by
      somebody else? How many times has it changed since you began your
      path, if at all? If you do not have a spiritual name do you even
      want one? What holds you back?
      > During the summer of 2006 I stayed at a yoga ashram as a volunteer
      and as I worked beside the residents there I learned of their names
      and how they came by them. Once someone had been there for a
      certain amount of time and grew spiritually their guru gave them a
      spiritual name he felt was appropriate for that person. They were
      beautiful sanskrit names. Since then part of me has always yearned
      for a teacher/ guru/ spiritual advisor to know me enough spiritually
      to give me a name they felt suited me.
      > That is not in the cards at this time and I don't know if it ever
      will be. For now I will just be happy as I am and choose for myself
      as my spiritual path continues to unfold before me.
      > Namaste,
      > Fauna Lotus
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