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9728Re: How can we as Buddhist develop more Compassion ?:

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  • dorjeshonnu
    Dec 5, 2007
      "Do I Even Know?" <bahbdorje@...> wrote:
      > The Karmic Question concerns how YOU are acting. What is your
      > qualification to denounce people? Are you privy to all the refuge
      > and ordination records? What's the deal? I am asking questions
      > here. I am curious how it works that you feel untainted by your
      > accusations. Never has any Tibetan Buddhist, or any other Buddhist
      > (except scammers) made a point about anyone's qualifications as you
      > have.

      Hello to you in California. Thank you for your concern about my
      wellbeing. I appreciate it very much, and hope your own practices are
      fruitful. The situation of my causes is greatly helped by the
      Vajrasattva 100-syllable sadhana provided to me and others by the
      Venerable Khenpo Sonam Tobgyal Rinpoche, as well as the other
      wang/tri/lung empowerments and transmissions I've been fortunate
      enough to receive from other teachers. I direct my daily actions
      according to the advice and texts of credible sources of authority,
      and own best judgment. While I do not live what some would call an
      ideal life, I have confidence in the Three Jewels, my teachers, and
      methods, and look forward to liberation, or the next life of benefit
      to sentient beings.

      There is no especial qualification involved in denouncing anyone,
      other than that the situation be significant enough for action to be
      taken, and that the person so denouncing be adequately informed enough
      to make a credible assertion. In the case of a person falsely claiming
      to be ordained sangha, the situation seems significant enough to me.

      I am not privy to "all refuge and ordination records". In the case at
      hand I am privy enough to the claims made by the individual, the
      observed conduct of the individual, and his ongoing insinuations of
      identity here. Amongst the various pictures he has taken from other
      people's websites he includes a photo of documents, with refuge names,
      that he claims are ordination records - these constitute nothing of
      the sort. There have been various small inconsistencies in his
      accounts about himself, some glaring problems with conduct, and in
      fact vajra siblings of mine have investigated some of his claims

      For instance he has claimed to be a tulku recognized by Ngakpa Orgyen
      Kusum Lingpa Rinpoche. An email was sent to the people here:


      and the response was this:


      I don't know who you are, or why you are concerned about this person.
      I remember him having visited our center one time and as I remember
      Kusum Lingpa only recognized him to be a pretty crazy guy. He seemed
      to me to be mentally unbalanced although not harmful. The last I knew
      of him he was in Nepal, sending messages back for financial support.
      There is no proof anywhere that Kusum Lingpa recognized him as a tulku.
      Yeshe Tarchin"


      Thus on the basis of small, greater, and direct statements from a
      credible source as evidence, I have made my statements here, and am
      satisfied with any causes which may in future ripen on the basis of
      these actions.

      I think it is uncommon to see this sort of thing because most people
      in their right minds have no interest in representing themselves in
      such a way. As you said, you will not be putting on the robes.

      As for Peter Ray, whose name is actually, sorry, Donald Peter Ray Jr,
      I am willing to believe that he has taken refuge and perhaps even
      bodhisattva vows, and may in fact be deluded by the thought that these
      have in some sense constituted full ordination. But this merely
      compounds his difficulties if, having taken particular vows, he has
      acted against them. In no sense do I believe him to be acting out of
      pure malice, or that he is some kind of mara. It is simply that his
      story does not hold up under inspection, and thus I believe he needs
      to be protected from his own actions.
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