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9724Re: [TBG] How can we as Buddhist develop more Compassion ?:

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  • imperialdlptutoring
    Dec 4, 2007
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      Isn't the real issue here kind and gentle speech and skillfullness
      (which I think are particularly important online since one can't see
      the facial expressions of people reading one's messages) rather than
      whether someone is or isn't a monk (but, nonetheless a sentient being
      who's wellness we should wish for)? I (personally) believe the
      original motivation for the posting with links was positive and am
      not (personally) interested in whether the person posting the message
      is a monk or not. Further, I find it ironic and more than a little
      disheartening that a thread about compassion, in one of the more
      compassionate parts of the internet, degenerates into an exchange
      which strikes me as far from compassionate. So, for the benefit of
      ALL subscribers of this list could I respectfully request/suggest
      that members exercise a measure of restraint and skillfullness
      (motivated by compassion, being mindful particularly of 'right
      speech') before posting messages which might be misconstrued and
      cause mental anguish in fellow subscribers!

      With metta,


      --- In tibetanbuddhistgroup@yahoogroups.com, "dorjeshonnu"
      <dorjeshonnu@...> wrote:
      > Steven Levey <sallev1@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Is it that I am not a Buddhist Monk for appreciating the links,
      or is
      > > the one sending the links not a Buddhist monk? And just what
      state of
      > > mind are you in to overlook the value of links, which offer so
      > > to the student regarding bodhicitta, so that you might be
      > > Is that not the opposite of the intention here?
      > Peter Ray is not a Buddhist monk. Peter Ray represents himself as
      > Thubten Pema Tenzin, a purported monk, and a purported tulku. We are
      > each capable of assessing the value of links on our own. The value
      > dharma is beyond dispute; this is irrelevant. The actions of Peter
      > in providing these links is an appropriation of dharma content with
      > the intent of misrepresentation of his identity online as not only
      > ordained, but also an accomplished source of refuge. Thus while the
      > content is positive, the karma involved is negative.
      > The compassionate action in this case is to take steps to correct
      > misrepresentations of identity that Peter Ray undertakes.
      > before he begins soliciting donations on the basis of these
      > misrepresentations - again. Thank you for the direct question
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