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9012RE: Rigpa Glimpse of the Day

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  • Namdrol Tsepal
    Jun 1, 2006
      It is hypocrisy to say that all religions are the same. Different religions
      have different views and fundamental differences. But it does not matter, as
      all religions are meant to help in bringing about a better world with better
      and happier human beings. On this level, I think that through different
      philosophical explanations and approaches, all religions have the same goal
      and the same potential. Take the concept[s] of the creator and self-creation
      for instance. There are big differences between the two, but I feel they
      have the same purpose. To some people, the concept of the creator is very
      powerful in inspiring the development of self-discipline, becoming a good
      person with a sense of love, forgiveness and devotion to the ultimate truth
      - the Creator or God.

      The other concept is self-creation: if one wants to be good, then it is
      one's own responsibility to be so. Without one's own efforts one cannot
      expect something good to come about. One's future is entirely dependent on
      oneself: it is self-created. This concept is very powerful in encouraging an
      individual to be a good and honest person. So you see, the two are different
      approaches but have the same goal.

      -- by H.H. the Dalai Lama, compiled and edited by Renuka Singh, from "Live
      in a Better Way: Reflections on Truth, Love and Happiness", published by
      Snow Lion Publications


      I know very well from my own experience how hard it is to imagine taking on
      the sufferings of others, and especially those of sick and dying people,
      without first building in yourself a strength and confidence of compassion.
      It is this strength and this confidence that will give your practice the
      power to transmute the suffering of others.

      This is why I always recommend that you begin the Tonglen practice for
      others by first practicing it on yourself. Before you can send out love and
      compassion to others, you must uncover, deepen, create, and strengthen them
      in yourself, and heal yourself of any reticence or distress or anger or fear
      that might create an obstacle to practicing Tonglen wholeheartedly.

      Sogyal Rinpoche


      To integrate meditation in action is the whole ground and point and purpose
      of meditation. The violence and stress and the challenges and distractions
      of this modern life make this integration urgently necessary.
      How do we achieve this integration, this permeation of everyday life with
      the calm humor and spacious detachment of meditation? There is no substitute
      for regular practice, for only through real practice will we begin to taste
      unbrokenly the calm of our nature of mind and so be able to sustain the
      experience of it in our everyday lives.

      If you really wish to achieve this, what you need to do is practice not just
      as occasional medicine or therapy but as if it were your daily sustenance or

      Sogyal Rinpoche

      As we follow the teachings and as we practice, we will inevitably discover
      certain truths about ourselves that stand out prominently: There are places
      where we always get stuck; there are habitual patterns and strategies that
      are the legacy of negative karma, which we continuously repeat and
      reinforce; there are particular ways of seeing things�those tired old
      explanations of ourselves and the world around us�that are quite mistaken
      yet which we hold onto as authentic, and so distort our whole view of

      When we persevere on the spiritual path, and examine ourselves honestly, it
      begins to dawn on us more and more that our perceptions are nothing more
      than a web of illusions. Simply to acknowledge our confusion, even though we
      cannot accept it completely, can bring some light of understanding and spark
      off in us a new process, a process of healing.

      Sogyal Rinpoche
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