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  • Namdrol Tsepal
    Aug 3, 2005
      To serve the world out of the dynamic union of wisdom and compassion would
      be to participate most effectively in the preservation of the planet.
      Masters of all the religious traditions on earth now understand that
      spiritual training is essential not solely for monks and nuns but for all
      people, whatever their faith or way of life. The nature of spiritual
      development is intensely practical, active, and effective. The danger we are
      all in together makes it essential now that we no longer think of spiritual
      development as a luxury but as a necessity for survival.

      As a famous Tibetan teaching says: �When the world is filled with evil, all
      mishaps should be transformed into the path of enlightenment.�

      Sogyal Rinpoche


      The basis on which Buddhist[s] accept the concept of rebirth is principally
      the continuity of consciousness . . . If you trace our present mind or
      consciousness back, then you will find that you are tracing the origin of
      the continuity of mind into an infinite dimension; it is, as you will see,

      Therefore there must be successive rebirths that allow that continuum of
      mind to be there.


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