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8147RE: Rigpa Glimpse of the Day

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  • Namdrol Tsepal
    May 2, 2005
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      We have been taught to spend our lives chasing our thoughts and projections.
      Even when the �mind� is talked about, it is only thoughts and emotions that
      are referred to; and when our researchers study what they imagine to be the
      mind, they look only at its projections. No one ever really looks into the
      mind itself, the ground from which all these expressions arise; and this has
      tragic consequences.

      Sogyal Rinpoche

      There are rough as well as gentle waves in the ocean; strong emotions come,
      like anger, desire, jealousy. The real practitioner recognizes them not as a
      disturbance or an obstacle but as a great opportunity. The fact that you
      react to arisings such as these with habitual tendencies of attachment and
      aversion is a sign not only that you are distracted but that you do not have
      the recognition and have lost the ground of Rigpa. To react to emotions in
      this way empowers them and binds you even tighter in the chains of delusion.
      The great secret of Dzogchen is to see right through them, as soon as they
      arise, to what they really are: the vivid and electric manifestation of the
      energy of Rigpa itself. As you gradually learn to do this, even the most
      turbulent emotions fail to seize hold of you and instead dissolve, as wild
      waves rise and rear and sink back into the calm of the ocean.

      Sogyal Rinpoche

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